DAY 35: Airports Shut Down, Workers Miss Their Second Paycheck

It’s day 35 and the Trump Shutdown has hit a new low for Americans as major airports were forced to delay flights and workers missed their second paycheck today. Meanwhile, families across the country and forced to make difficult choices between paying their bills and life-saving medical care. Here’s the latest:

The Trump Shutdown has delayed flights at major airports.

USA Today: “Flights at three major airports were being delayed Friday because of an increase in air traffic control employees calling in sick as the government shutdown continued. The Federal Aviation Administration’s flight delay map showed significant departure delays at Philadelphia and Newark, New Jersey, on Friday morning. Lesser delays also showed at New York LaGuardia.”

Workers missed their second paycheck because of the Trump Shutdown.

CNBC: “If the partial government shutdown continues through this week – and there is no end in sight – Friday will mark the second paycheck missed by affected federal workers, whose household budgets have been completely upended.”

The Trump Shutdown is forcing families to make hard choices between medical treatment and paying their bills.

NBC 4: “Quashawn Latimer is a furloughed federal worker fighting stage 2 cancer. Without her paycheck, her family is facing a heartbreaking decision about whether to pay rent or for chemotherapy-related expenses. ‘Worst-case scenario is that we lose our home,’ Latimer said. ‘Can’t negotiate with my chemo.’”

TIME: “’The Surgery to Remove the Lung Cancer Is On Hold.’ The Shutdown Is Forcing Workers to Delay Vital Medical Care”

Politico: “Bret Conant, a civil engineering technician with the Forest Service in Carbondale, Colo., has raised more than $16,000 in a GoFundMe campaign set up on Jan. 15 to help pay for medical bills. Conant’s son, Lars, was born on Jan. 3 about four weeks early and with cystic fibrosis. Shortly after birth, Lars had to be flown to Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver for surgery and remains there for recovery, Conant said Tuesday. ‘The not-getting-paid part is really difficult,’ Conant said.”