Dear Rick Scott, It’s Too Late Now To Say Sorry

Let’s be clear – Rick Scott put his plan to raise taxes on over half of Americans in WRITING, and then spent a couple million dollars on TV ads touting it. And his “update” today still would devastate families – ending the Social Security and Medicare guarantees and making Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy permanent.

Rick Scott might think he can get credit for “apologizing” for the plan he wrote himself, and then spent months arduously defending up until just a few days ago, but it won’t work. 

Rick Scott has spent the last few months doubling down on his plan. TL;DR it’s too late now to say sorry.


Rick Scott on his 11-point plan: “Washington hates it, that’s how you know it’s good.”


Rick Scott: “We’ve put together a plan to rescue America after Republicans win this year…I approve this message and this plan because I want my country back.” 

Rick Scott also took to the TV circuit to double down on defending of his plan:

Rick Scott: “Let’s get people back to work so they have skin in the game.” 


Brian Kilmeade: “It says all Americans should pay, have some skin in the game even if it’s a small amount because 50% of this country does not pay income taxes.”