DEJA VU: Tim Scott STILL Won’t Name a Single Policy Difference From Trump

At every opportunity handed to him, Tim Scott has refused to outline a single policy difference from the MAGA agenda Trump pushed during his term in office — and he has the record to prove it. Instead, Scott has called Trump’s presidency “monumental,” and downplayed Trump’s role in January 6.

Time and time again, Tim Scott has refused to name a difference between himself and Trump or his MAGA agenda.

Sean Hannity: “What are the differences in terms of policy positions that, for example, you may have with President Trump?”

Scott: “Probably not very many at all. I am so thankful that we had President Trump in office.”

Steve Doocy: “So, senator, are you answering my question about how you’d beat Donald Trump by saying that your personal story is going to sell you to the American people?”

Scott: “What I’m saying in response to your question is that the field of play is focusing on President Biden’s failures. What Americans want to see is a contrast between the radical left and the blueprint to ruin America — that Psalms 139 tells us that we are all uniquely and fearfully made. If we focus on our uniqueness, we focus on our path to where we are, I believe we give the voters a choice so that they can decide how we move forward. As opposed to trying to have a conversation about how to beat a Republican, I think we’re better off having a conversation about beating Joe Biden.”

NBC: “What will you offer voters that former President Trump will not?”

Scott: “Well, the question is what do I — I’m running for president. Period. I plan to win. So the question is: What do the voters want in their president? They want someone who can persuade on the issues that matter the most to them.”

NBC: “You’re saying you’re a better dealmaker than President Trump, former President Trump?”

Scott: “What I’m saying is that I look forward to persuading the American people — right and left, within my base and on the far side — to making sure that we move this country forward using commonsense, finding common ground.”

Scott has also downplayed Trump’s role in January 6.

Yahoo News: “Sen. Tim Scott says Trump is the ‘one person I don’t blame’ for Capitol attack

Scott: “The president is simply not guilty. … The one person I don’t blame is President Trump.”