Democratic National Committee Launching Victory Leaders Councils in Red and Blue States

Today, the Democratic National Committee is announcing the launch of its state-based Victory Leaders Council (VLC) program, which will help Democrats put red states in play as well as mobilize volunteers and grassroots support in blue states. Arizona, Georgia and Utah will be the first three councils to launch. Councils will exist in red and blue states that have not been contested in recent presidential elections. The goal of the councils is to help elect Hillary Clinton and win down ballot elections this cycle and beyond.

Each Victory Leaders Council will include prominent individuals and elected officials but depend on grassroots activists who put elbow grease into electing Democrats up and down the ballot. They will expand our ground capacity in each state, helping to deliver votes and volunteers to Hillary Clinton and down-ballot Democrats at every level of the ticket. These structures will live on beyond Election Day to help Democrats win in mid-term elections, flip Republican majorities, and to help President Hillary Clinton enact her policy agenda.

Victory Leaders Councils will be volunteer-led and driven but will work closely with each Hillary For America state director as well as the executive directors and chairs of each state party. The VLC program will be overseen by the Democratic National Committee’s field team and each VLC leader will have a designated liaison at the DNC. Victory Leaders Councils will not only keep stakeholders engaged through regular meetings but will also organize door-to-door canvasses, phone banks, and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts in each state.

“We are committed to winning up and down the ticket from the White House to the state houses,” said Donna Brazile, interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. “We are building on the momentum of our hugely successful convention, where we passed the most progressive platform in history that would do the most good for the most families. There is a stark choice for voters to make in this election, and Democrats have a historic opportunity and responsibility to help voters see that choice clearly. The Victory Leaders Councils are one more way that Democrats are investing in all 50 states.”  

“Democrats are competing across the country and building for the future,” said Brandon Davis, Chief of Staff at the Democratic National Committee. “In states from Georgia to Arizona, demographics and politics are changing quickly — and Democrats are making the investments to make gains now so that we can take majorities later. We are mobilizing voters across the country to elect more Democrats and to deliver on the policies being driven by the Clinton-Kaine ticket and Democrats at every level of the ballot. In the meantime, the Republicans are pursuing outdated policies that have failed hard working families and our communities.” 

Adam Parkhomenko, the DNC’s National Field Director, will be overseeing the Victory Leaders Council program at the DNC.

Below is the Victory Leaders Council roster for Georgia. Victory Leaders Councils are still in formation and additional members may be added on a rolling basis. Announcements for Arizona, Utah, and additional states are forthcoming.

GEORGIA VICTORY LEADERS COUNCIL (in formation, additional members may be added)

Hank Aaron

Stacey Abrams

Kim Alexander

Pinney Allen

Oliver Allen

Emmanuel Avraham

Amber Bailey

John Barrow

Sarah Beeson

Taylor  Bennett

Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander

Prue Benson

Patty Bentley

Robin Biro

Vivian Bishop

Ken Britt

Scott Brown

Molly Burke

Park Cannon

Kip Carr

Jason Carter

Seth Clark

Max Cleland

Verna Cleveland

Gail Davenport

Wendy Davis

Stephen Dawkins

Rick Day

Andre Dickens

Pam Dickerson

Hattie Dorsey

Karl Douglass

John Eaves

DeUndre Eberhart

Angela Eells

Louis Elrod

Stacey Evans

Vince Farley

Edgar Fields

Shirley Franklin

Gloria Frazier

Glen Paul Freedman

Billy Freeman

Sam Fuller

Anna Gandy

Gordon Giffin

Myesha Good

Craig Gordon

Kwanza Hall

Dan Halpern

Aaron Harris

Sharne Haywood

Laura Heery

Steve Henson

Falak Hindash

Scott Holcomb

Paul Horning

Md. Jahangir Hossain

Robbie S. Huff

Carolyn Hugley

Elisabeth Huhn

Michael Jablonski

Lester Jackson

Tharon Johnson

Hank Johnson

Mereda Johnson

Jon Keen

Dar'shun Kendrick

Lonnie King

John Lewis

Steve Lomax

Brenda Lopez

Pedro “Pete” Marin

Valencia Martin Seay

Keith Mason

Darrell Mays

Dewey McClain

Billy Mitchell

Caesar Mitchell

Antonio Molina

Ben Myers

Adelina Nicholls

Mary Margret Oliver

Vincent Olszwieski

Nan Orrock

Jacob Orvis

Will  Palmer

Elana Parent

Phaedra Parks

Jannquell Peters

Matthew Plott

Dubose Porter

David Poythress

Brian Prince

Andy Prozes

Sheikh Rahman

Nikki Randall

Stephanie Ray

Richard Ray

Kasim Reed

Sally Rosser

Paul Rosser

David Scott

Katherine Seelman

Rutherford Seydel

Laura Turner Seydel

Freddie Powell Sims

Pradeep Sinha

Adam Smith

Calvin Smyre

Steve Stephens

Pamela Stephenson

Horacena Tate

Erica Thomas

Andrea Young Thomas

Zan Thornton

Otis Threatt

Michael Thurmond

Sarah Todd

Teresa Tomlinson

Bob Trammell

Ivory Watts

Mary Lou Waymer

Adrienne White

Mack Wilbourn

David Wilkerson

Nikema Williams

Cheryl Williams

Al Williams

Keith Wilson

David Worley

Andrew Young

Carolyn Young