Democratic National Convention Update

We are so excited to welcome 50,000 convention participants to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection from July 25 to 28th. It takes 10,000 volunteers to make the convention happen, and we already have close to that many volunteers lined up. Both during and leading up to the event, our volunteers help with everything from greeting and guiding guests to providing administrative support. They are essentially Philadelphia’s ambassadors who showcase the best of the city and ensure that the event is a success.

Are you interested in signing up as a volunteer for the 2016 Democratic National Convention? You can learn more on the convention website and sign up to volunteer online.

Convention by the numbers

We’re expecting approximately 6,000 delegates and alternates, ensuring every voter’s voice is represented;

We’ve assigned almost 15,000 hotel rooms at 89 different hotels across the greater Philadelphia area – and we’re committed to filling all available union hotel rooms; 

We’re anticipating an economic impact of as much as $300 million on the Philadelphia region – we plan to be excellent party guests!

We’re committed to ensuring that our convention looks like the rest of the country – as of March, women make up over 60% of Convention employees; we’re meeting with local high school students; and we’re increasing outreach to LGBT and minority owned businesses.

By convention week, we will have

Run 125 miles of fiber optic cable and 750 miles of network cable;

Deployed 1,250 desk and cell phones;

Assembled 200 TVs and displays;

Hosted 15,000-20,000 media attendees;

Created over 300 wireless access points in the arena and convention offices;

Booked over 400 buses to ensure our constituents get where they need to go.


“I see the convention as an opportunity to showcase our party and its values, to reach back into history and to look forward towards a more inclusive future representation of the strides women have made in this country.”

–Rev. Leah D. Daughtry, Democratic National Convention Committee CEO