Democrats Are Fighting For People With Disabilities

DNC Chair Tom Perez and former Rep. Tony Coelho, Chair of the DNC Disability Council and the primary sponsor of the ADA, released the following statement celebrating the anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act:


“Twenty-eight years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed​ into law, marking a historic achievement for equality and inclusivity in America. Today, we celebrate the millions of Americans with disabilities who fought tirelessly for their rights, and the progress we’ve made toward equality in employment, ​and ​access to public spaces, transportation and accommodations. Thanks to their courageous activism and bipartisan dedication, more Americans have the right to live freely and independently in their communities.


“But that right is under constant attack. President Trump has openly mocked people with disabilities, and the Republican Party is determined to erode the civil rights of the one in five American adults that have a disability. They’ve worked to slash Medicaid, remove protections for patients with pre-​existing conditions, and undermine access to special education programs. And they just nominated yet another Supreme Court justice who would weaken critical protections for people with disabilities.


“The Democratic Party believes no American should ever face discrimination based on their disability status. From the earliest days of the disability rights movement through the Obama administration, Democrats have fought for equality at every turn – and we will not let these Republican attacks to go unchecked. Not only are we dedicated to electing leaders up and down the ballot who will fight for equality for people with disabilities, but we support and invest in candidates like Billie Sutton in South Dakota and others who are fighting to ensure representation in elected office. Come November, voters will show Trump and Republicans that their attacks on the ADA and disability rights are immoral and unacceptable.”