Democrats Blast Republicans for Failing to Show Up to Fight Inflation

Yesterday, Senate Banking Committee Republicans led by Pat Toomey refused to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to vote on the appointments of Federal Reserve nominees. DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and Democrats across the country are calling Senate Republicans out for trying to kneecap President Biden and Democrats’ plan to fight inflation and lower costs for the American people. 

In the states, Democrats called on their Republican senators to step up and join President Biden’s efforts to lower costs and fight inflation:

Pennsylvania Democratic Party: Today: Toomey refuses to show up to help lower inflation

Montana Democratic Party: No-Show Senator Daines Chooses Political Stunt over Lowering Costs for Montana Families

Kansas Democratic Party: Kansas Democrats condemn Moran for refusing to show up to help lower inflation

And local and national outlets are highlighting how Democrats are calling out the GOP’s refusal to show up for American families:

Fox Business: Schumer says GOP are not offering solutions to fight inflation


Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Jaime Harrison Wednesday also held a conference call with reporters that sought to cast Republicans as the obstacle to Democrats’ efforts to lower costs. 

“It’s the Democratic Party that is the only party with an actual plan to lower costs for American families. And yet again, our Republican colleagues are doing nothing but trying to stand in the way,” Harrison said. 

“…I wish I could tell you that they gave a damn, but they don’t. But they do seem to only be interested in political games. They seem to have made the cynical calculation that the American people succeeding is bad politics. I’ve never seen a party that has talked down America’s success more than today’s Republican Party.”


Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Dems, allies slam Pa.’s Toomey, Republicans for blocking Biden’s Fed nominees

Democrats and their allies went on the attack Wednesday, accusing Republicans of playing games with the nation’s economic recovery after Republican members of a key U.S. Senate committee boycotted a vote on President Joe Biden’s nominees to the Federal Reserve Board.

In a call with journalists, Democratic National Committee Chairperson Jaime Harrison said U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., the lead Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, and other GOP lawmakers were “actively trying to kneecap our economic recovery as we emerge from this global pandemic.”


On Wednesday, Harrison, joined by state Rep. Wesley Harris, a Democratic lawmaker from North Carolina, took aim at U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., who also boycotted Tuesday’s meeting.


Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Harrison said it was critical for Biden’s Fed nominees to clear the Senate so that they could get to work on helping to resolve those economic challenges.

“This is why we want to get their nominations moving forward,” he said, adding that Republicans “shouldn’t be playing these games.”