Democrats Fight Back Against Republican Assault On Our Democracy

Republicans have launched an all-out assault on our democracy. Instead of joining Democrats in passing popular legislation like giving checks to Americans in need, Republicans have mounted a nationwide voter suppression campaign to try to enhance their political fortunes. While Republicans try to keep people from voting, Democrats are fighting back and working to pass legislation to expand access to the polls.

Yesterday, Georgia Republicans forced through legislation that would roll back voting access.

Associated Press: “Republican lawmakers in Georgia muscled legislation through the state House on Monday that would roll back voting access, over the objection of Democrats and civil rights groups gathered at the Capitol to protest.”

This is only the latest example of Republicans’ voter suppression. There are over 250 other proposals in 43 states so far this year.

CBS News: “Forty-three states, including Georgia, have together introduced over 250 bills to restrict voting access after the 2020 election as of Friday, according to the Brennan Center for Justice.”

Republican voter suppression efforts are fueled by Trump’s baseless claims of a solten election, which he continued to push this weekend.

New York Times: “Led by loyalists who embrace former President Donald J. Trump’s baseless claims of a stolen election, Republicans in state legislatures nationwide are mounting extraordinary efforts to change the rules of voting and representation — and enhance their own political clout.”

While Republicans continue their unprecedented assault on our democracy, Democrats are fighting back to expand access to the polls.

Reuters: “U.S. faces ‘unprecedented assault on democracy,’ White House says, backing election reform bill”

Reuters: “Democrats have been fighting to expand access to the polls through early voting, vote-by-mail and other measures, efforts that expanded as the coronavirus pandemic raged. Republicans have been fighting those efforts and pursuing measures to curb access to the polls.”