Democrats Fight For Flood Relief In The Midwest While Republicans Play Politics

While Democrats in Congress are fighting for millions of dollars in disaster relief after catastrophic flooding destroyed property, crops, and livestock across the Midwest, Republicans are playing politics and holding this funding hostage to please Trump. Republicans must stop their political games and join Democrats in working to help Americans rebuild and recover.


Senate Republicans are playing Trump’s political games and holding up disaster relief for the Midwest.

Politico: “The House’s approach resembles a similar proposal from Senate Democrats last week, which would have included more money for Puerto Rico as well as $2.5 billion for the Midwest and for Alabama, which has been damaged by tornadoes. That effort was rejected by nearly every Republican, because they said President Donald Trump would refuse to sign it.”


Meanwhile, House Democrats are working to pass a disaster relief bill and help the Midwest recover.


Politico: “With a disaster relief bill deadlocked in the Senate, House Democrats are prepared to move ahead with their own package that includes billions of dollars in aid for the rain-swollen Midwest.”