Democrats Launch New Voter Purge Protection Tool

Today the Democratic National Committee is launching a new voter registration tracking tool that allows voter protection, data and organizing staff to more easily identify and engage with individuals at risk of being purged from the voter rolls.

The new tool uses voter file data as well as the DNC’s proprietary data science models to help campaign staff more easily perform several key functions:

  • Voter Roll Monitoring: The tracking tool allows staff to more easily monitor voter rolls to identify voters at risk of being deemed “inactive” or purged — as well as to detect large-scale, potentially malicious voter roll purges.

  • Data Breakdowns: The tool can identify inactive and purged voters by demographic, including race, age, and party support.

  • Voter Contact: The tool makes it easier for organizing teams to quickly contact a universe of purged or inactive voters and take the steps necessary to re-register them or help them protect their voting status.

  • Trend Analysis: Organizers can analyze historical voter registration data to track trends over multiple election cycles and identify abnormal spikes in voter purging.

“This innovative tool brings the work of our data, voter protection and organizing teams together to protect the right of every American to participate in our democracy,” said Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez. “We know Republicans are waging an orchestrated campaign of voter suppression — but Democrats are fighting back and making critical investments like this one in our voter protection infrastructure. Through innovations like this, we’re making sure our organizers are empowered to reach and successfully mobilize the coalition of voters who will defeat Donald Trump and elect Democrats at every level in November.”

“Good data is at the heart of any organizing program, and we’re focused on maximizing that advantage,” said DNC Chief Technology Officer Nellwyn Thomas. “This tool is going to save our organizers time, help them protect the rights of voters to participate in our democracy and let them focus on what they do best: persuading, mobilizing, and energizing voters.”

“The fight against voter suppression has never been more urgent,” said DNC Director of Voter Protection and Civic Engagement Reyna Walters-Morgan.  “Whether an individual is facing the prospect of being purged for malicious or mundane reasons, this tool helps leverage Democrats’ organizing and voter protection resources to safeguard the right of every eligible voter to protect their voting status and easily participate in our democratic process.”

The tool was developed in-house by the DNC’s Data, Technology and Voter Protection Teams. It will be available to those with access to the DNC’s Voter File starting today.