Democrats Mounting “Aggressive Effort” To Win Michigan,  Call Out Trump’s ‘Trail Of Broken Promises” In Warren

As the second Democratic presidential primary debate in Detroit continues, today The Hill wrote about the DNC and Michigan Democrats’ “aggressive effort” to win the state — including organizers on the ground, new initiatives to reach voters online, and early outreach to communities of color.


And on the ground in Warren, DNC Chair Tom Perez joined Rep. Dan Kildee outside a closing auto plant to speak about Trump’s record of broken economic promises. The event continued a multi-week push across the battleground states highlighting how voters’ personal economy remains a major vulnerability for Trump’s campaign.


See for yourself:


The Hill: Democrats go all out to rebuild ‘blue wall’ in Michigan


  • “The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has dispatched nearly four dozen field organizers across Detroit and its suburbs, and the state Democratic Party has put another 10 staffers on the ground as part of a campaign that began in 2018 to expand the party’s statewide organizing efforts.”


  • “The Michigan Democratic Party has also hired a full-time digital organizer charged with bridging the gap between disparate online and field operations and a voting rights director to oversee education initiatives, particularly in communities of color and economically disadvantaged areas.”


  • “Speaking in front of a soon-to-be-shuttered General Motors plant in Warren, Mich., just north of Detroit on Tuesday, DNC Chairman Tom Perez seized on that message. Trump, he said, had promised that no more plants would close down under his tenure in the White House. […] ‘The trail of broken promises runs far and deep.’”


MLive: Ahead of Detroit debate, Democrats target Trump with ‘broken promises’ as GM plant closes.

  • “DNC Chairman Tom Perez and U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Flint, held a press conference outside a General Motors plant set to end operations this week. Perez said Trump has been a ‘chronically incompetent president’ who stuck a ‘knife in the back’ of his supporters after being elected.”

ABC 12: Rep. Kildee points finger at President Trump for GM plant closure in Warren.

  • “Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and Representative Dan Kildee of Flint spoke to GM workers, Tuesday, before the GM plant in Warren will shut its doors. They are pointing the finger at President Donald Trump as to why some of the workers will be out of a job. ’Manufacturing jobs in Michigan have gone down under this president. The trail of broken promises runs far and deep,’ said Perez.”

  • “Kildee said workers should not forget the promises made by Donald Trump on the campaign trail.‘We won’t forget in 2016 when the current president, when candidate Trump came to Michigan and as the chairman said told the workers of that factory that you will not loose this plant. You will not loose your job,’ said Kildee. ‘He made promises cynical promises that he knew he couldn’t keep but he did so because that’s what he does. He just says what he thinks will win the day and does not demonstrate any serious commitment to the people, the working people in this country.’”

Detroit News: Perez And Kildee Highlight Trump’s “Broken Promises to Michigan Workers.”

  • “Earlier in the day, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez joined U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee in calling out President Donald Trump for what they said were broken promises to Michigan workers.”

  • “Perez hit on how under President Barack Obama the auto industry and its workers were saved in the 2009 bailout of GM and Chrysler. ‘That enabled the auto industry to get back on its feet… to save them from being destitute,’ Perez said. ‘That’s what Democrats did.’”

  • “But under Trump, Perez said, blue-collar workers across Michigan and Ohio have been gifted ‘broken promises’ that their jobs would remain and more jobs would become available.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats point to closing General Motors plant near debate hall as example of Trump’s ‘false promises’

  • “With the second round of Democratic debates hours away in Detroit, national party chairman Tom Perez joined a Michigan Congressman Tuesday at a General Motors plant slated to close to criticize President Trump’s economic record and promise the party would take back the critical state of Michigan in 2020.”


The Wall Street Journal: Perez Says President Has Been “Chronically Incompetent” For Auto Industry.

  • “Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez set the tone, holding an event across the street from General Motors Co. ’s transmission plant in Warren, Mich., to criticize President Trump for promising to save U.S. factory jobs even as the auto industry sheds workers [.…]’The trail of broken promises in the auto industry is one of many areas where this president has been chronically incompetent,’ Mr. Perez said.”


In battleground states across the country, Democrats have been speaking out against President Trump’s broken promises on the economy, see more: Bloomberg: Democrats Kick Off Campaign to Undercut Trump’s Economic Record; Fox 6: National, State DNC members in Milwaukee say Pres. Trump is not working for Wisconsin; Journal Sentinel: Tom Perez knocks Donald Trump; WDJT: DNC Chairman Perez lays out strategy for Dems to win Wisconsin in 2020; WISN: DNC chairman: Party of Lincoln replaced by party of Trump,; The Vindicator: Valley Dems to Trump: You broke promises; WKBN: Laid-off GM workers, Democratic leaders want Trump to visit Valley; WTRF: Protesters from Ohio GM plant sound off over President Trump’s visit to Wheeling; WFMJ: Ohio Democratic Party Chairman calls out Trump’s broken promises in Youngstown; WTOV9: Protesters rallying ahead of Trump visit to Wheeling; The Wheeling Intelligencer: Ahead of Trump Visit, Ohio Dems, Autoworkers Come to Wheeling to Express Disappointment With President; Michigan Advance: Rust belt leaders rip Trump for ‘selling out’ workers; Florida Politics: Democrats decry Donald Trump’s ‘broken economic promises’ to Florida.