Democrats Organize Across the Country on Labor Day Weekend of Action for Working Families

This past Labor Day weekend, the Democratic National Committee and state parties across the country celebrated the close of Resistance Summer with a final Weekend of Action for working families. As Congress returns to work and Donald Trump doubles-down on an extreme agenda that puts the wealthiest Americans first, organizers across the country participated in more than 120 events in three dozen states. Democrats came together and showed they were ready to Rise and Organize by knocking doors, making phone calls, and registering people to vote, all in order to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

Over the summer, the DNC held a nationwide training with over 40 states participating; placed Resistance Summer organizers on the ground in states that saw special election wins, like Oklahoma and New Hampshire; facilitated more than 9,000 volunteer shifts across the country; implemented four nationwide days of actions with 555 events in all 50 states; and launched Knock 10, an app that allows people to go through their neighborhoods and knock on 10 doors at a time.

Here’s a look at some of the organizing events from the last weekend of Resistance Summer:

In Virginia, Tom Perez rallied organizers and talked to Virginians about the importance of electing Ralph Northam and Democrats up and down the ballot:



In Minnesota, Rep. Keith Ellison stood up for workers’ rights at his 10th annual Labor Day BBQ:



In New Hampshire, Democrats held a Labor Day BBQ with Jason Kander:



In South Dakota, Democrats met for a Labor Day picnic with the Sioux Falls Labor Council:



In Massachusetts, community members organized for workers’ rights, including higher wages and paid leave:



In Ohio, Northeast Ohio Young Black Democrats marched for Democratic values in the 11thCongressional District parade:



In Iowa, Democrats marched in the Keokuk Labor Day parade:



In Kansas, community members met at the Working Kansas Alliance Labor Day Picnic:



In Tennessee, Democrats came together at the annual Workers Interfaith Network Labor Day Picnic: