Democrats Slam Trump For Failing Americans Once Again By Proposing Ruthless Cuts to Medicaid, Social Security in 2021 Budget Proposal

More broken promises from Trump who vowed to protect safety net programs but has undercut them at every turn

In response to Trump’s FY2021 budget proposal, which proposes trillions in funding cuts to lifesaving safety net programs like Medicaid, Social Security, SNAP, and housing assistance while giving his rich friends another massive tax break, Democratic state parties across the battlegrounds slammed Trump for his new batch of broken promises to Americans. Take a look:


“After workers at the General Motors plant in Lordstown pleaded with Donald Trump to help save their jobs, he ignored their pleas. Then he said GM Lordstown’s closing ‘doesn’t really matter.’ Then he attacked Lordstown workers and their leaders. Now he’s trying to kill a loan program that could save at least some of the jobs that were lost when the plant closed.

“‘Donald Trump thinks that closing GM Lordstown ‘doesn’t really matter,’ and he has certainly acted that way, as he’s been to Ohio six times in the past year and has never once come to Lordstown to look the workers and community members in the eye,’ said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. ‘Today’s stunning news is just one more example of how little he actually cares about the workers he made so many false promises to. Donald Trump needs to get off Twitter, stop golfing every weekend and get to work helping Ohio workers, rather than screwing them over at every turn.’”

FLORIDA DEMOCRATS: Florida Democratic Party Chair Chair Terrie Rizzo: “Health care is the number one issue for Floridians and if Trump thinks he can get away with threatening Medicaid and Medicare without intense backlash at the ballot box, he’s in for a rude awakening in 2020.”


“‘Donald Trump broke his promise to Michigan voters, working tirelessly to slash Medicare and Medicaid despite his repeated promises to protect these critical programs,’ said MDP spokesman Christian Slater. ‘Working families need more than lip service and empty promises from a president who refuses to truly fight for them.’”


“‘President Trump is intentionally shattering his promises to Wisconsinites to protect programs like Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP — programs that are vital for seniors, children, and those with disabilities — all so he can give his rich benefactors another handout at our expense,’ Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wiker said. ‘Trump’s attacks on the most vulnerable Wisconsinites are disgraceful and clearly break his promises to protect our friends and neighbors. He’s made it clear over the past three years his priorities are giving handouts to his country club buddies, and voters will remember this betrayal at the ballot box in November.’”

PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCRATS: “‘Trump’s budget makes clear that he’s beholden to wealthy special interests who care more about the needs of massive corporations than those of working Pennsylvanians,’ said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Executive Director Sinceré Harris. ‘He continues to push tax breaks for the wealthy and well-connected, while going after vital earned benefits like Medicaid. Instead of using his budget to appease his donors, the President should have put everyday families first. Pennsylvanians are tired of Trump’s broken promises and will reject his misguided agenda come November.’” 

NORTH CAROLINA DEMOCRATS: “‘Senator Tillis has made it clear that he will blindly support anything the President announces in a desperate attempt to save his skin, even if it ends up costing our military communities and middle class families,’ NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. ‘Now, President Trump is proposing cuts to critical programs such as Medicaid, Social Security, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Will spineless Senator Tillis stand up to the President’s plan to impose ‘steep cuts’ on benefits North Carolinians’ rely on, or will he again put blind, partisan loyalty to the president ahead of what’s best for our state’”

TEXAS DEMOCRATS: “Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement: ‘Once again, Donald Trump and John Cornyn have broken their promises to everyday Texans, this time on preserving and protecting critical programs like Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP benefits, and Medicare. Millions of Texans rely on these programs to visit their doctor, to put food on the table, and raise their kids. Texas Democrats know we must tear down the barriers to opportunity so every Texan has a fair shot to get ahead. That is why Democrats will expand programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP benefits when we win in November.’”