Democrats Slam Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response That’s Hurt Small Businesses

This week, Democrats called out how Trump’s failed, ineffective coronavirus response has hurt small businesses — including his corrupt implementation of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Nearly 40 million Americans recently filed for unemployment, small businesses are suffering, while Trump’s wealthy, well-connected allies are getting big government handouts..

See for yourself:

Financial Times: Democrats to accuse Donald Trump of ‘corrupt recovery effort’

The Democratic party is planning to make the Trump administration’s small business relief effort a focus of its 2020 election campaign, making the case that the US president has favoured the “wealthy and well-connected” with the Paycheck Protection Program. The Democratic National Committee is targeting its message on key swing states such as Florida, where almost 2m people have claimed unemployment benefits since the beginning of March. On Thursday Tom Perez, DNC chairman, will hold a press call focusing on how the federal coronavirus response has affected Latino-owned small businesses in the “Sunshine state”.

Florida Politics: ‘Latino communities have been taking it on the chin’ during COVID-19; Democrats say more should be done

“We have seen so much suffering in communities across the country, and Latino communities have been taking it on the chin in particular,” Perez said. Reports have shown Latino small business owners have had difficulty accessing relief through the federal Paycheck Protection Program.

DNC War Room: Volume #9: Trump’s Corrupt Recovery Leaves Small Businesses High and Dry 

The economic downturn is the sharpest since the Great Depression. Tens of thousands of small businesses have already shuttered, and the ones who are able to remain open are struggling more than ever. Small business sales expectations have plummeted to the lowest level in history. It didn’t have to be this bad. Small businesses face a grim outlook in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, but they have been pushed over the brink by two things: Trump’s delayed and insufficient response to the virus, and his corrupt recovery effort that favors the wealthy and well-connected over small businesses that need the most help.

In Arizona: 

Arizona Democrats: Trump and Republicans Leave Latinx Families And Small Businesses Behind, Oppose Ongoing Efforts To Provide Relief

“Latinx small businesses are a major contributor to Arizona’s economy and right now they are hurting,” said Matt Grodsky, Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, “But instead of providing ongoing assistance to struggling Americans, Trump and Republicans are content on slow-walking relief and playing political games.”

In Georgia:

Georgia Democrats: Georgia Leaders, Small Business Owners Slam Trump’s Failed Response To Economic Crisis

Democratic leaders and Georgia small business owners held a press conference to highlight how the Trump administration’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt our economy, and made this crisis even worse for small business owners across Georgia and our country.

In Maine:

Maine Democrats: Maine Small Business Owners Speak Out On Problems With Senator Collins’ Paycheck Protection Program

Maine Democrats hosted a roundtable featuring small business owners sharing their stories of frustration, uncertainty, and disappointment with the Paycheck Protection Program authored by Senator Susan Collins. While small business owners have struggled to navigate the complicated SBA application process, Trump and Collins have allowed large corporations to take more than $1 billion from the program.

Maine Democrats: As Maine’s Small Businesses Struggle To Access PPP Loans, Businesses Tied To Trump Campaign Receive Millions

“Only a fraction of small businesses that have applied for loans through the Paycheck Protection Program have been able to get funding, but companies tied to the Trump campaign have accessed millions through the program that Senator Susan Collins authored.”

In Michigan: 

Michigan Democrats: Michigan Democrats Highlight Trump’s Failed COVID-19 Response Ahead of Michigan Trip

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes, House Democratic Floor Leader Yousef Rabhi, and small business CEO Stephen Lange Ranzini held a virtual press conference highlighting Donald Trump’s failed COVID-19 response ahead of his desperate Michigan campaign events.

In Nevada:

Nevada Democrats: “We Won’t Forget”: Nevada’s Small Businesses Pay The Price For Trump’s Corrupt Recovery

“Nevadans are fighting every day just to get by,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II. “But instead of helping Nevada’s small businesses survive an economic disaster of his own making, Donald Trump has funneled desperately-needed relief funding into the hands of a few well-connected friends. When it mattered most, he showed Nevadans where his true loyalties lie — we won’t forget.”

In New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Democrats: Tell Donald Trump and Chris Sununu: Put small business relief ahead of big corporate profits!

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Donald Trump and Chris Sununu are putting corporate profits first. Join us in calling on Trump and Sununu to put NH’s small businesses and Granite State workers ahead of corporate special interests.

In North Carolina: 

Cardinal & Pine: State Representative Graig Meyer: How The Trump Administration Cut NC Small Businesses Out of Coronavirus Relief

According to a new study released by Piedmont Rising, North Carolina — which has more than 890,000 small businesses — has received just 66,677 of the Trump administration’s Paycheck Protection Program loans. Eighty percent of small businesses that applied for relief money didn’t receive any at all. The program, which has been championed by Sen. Thom Tillis and other Republicans, “has failed to assist the vast majority of small businesses, including in North Carolina, with a large share of minority-owned businesses left behind,” according to the report.

In Virginia:

Blue Virginia: Virginia’s Small Businesses Shoulder the Burden of Trump’s Economic Disaster

Trump’s failed implementation of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has left millions of small businesses still waiting for a desperately needed lifeline. Most small businesses haven’t accessed these loans at all. His rollout favored big banks and large companies with multi-millionaire executives and months of cash-on-hand, but completely failed to meet the needs of some of our hardest hit businesses, often minority and women-owned.

In Wisconsin: 

The Cap Times: Sarah Godlewski: Trump administration picks Wall Street over Main Street

Like so many others, I am frustrated that the Paycheck Protection Program funds, which come from taxpayer dollars, are being misused. These funds were meant to help small businesses overcome financial challenges caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Instead, they went to mega corporations that got special treatment while mom and pop shops back home struggled to figure out how to even apply for the funds before they ran dry.