Democrats to Showcase Engagement with Black Voters at ESSENCE Festival of Culture for a Third Year in a Row 

Today, the Democratic Party is announcing that for a third year in a row, they will be on-the-ground at the 2024 ESSENCE Festival of Culture, the largest Black American culture and music event in the country. The Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, CBCPAC, and Rolling Sea Action Fund are once again joining forces to spotlight Democrats’ continued investment in engaging with and delivering for Black voters – the backbone of our Party. 

From Independence Day through July 7th, Democrats will be in New Orleans to activate a “Seat at the Table” booth and engage directly with attendees, to ensure they know what’s at stake this election season and are ready to make their voices heard on Election Day. Team members will spotlight the work of President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot to deliver for Black Americans, from helping Black entrepreneurs start businesses at the fastest rate in 30 years to 2.5 million jobs for Black workers, to historically low unemployment, to canceling student debt for nearly 5 million Americans, to appointing more Black women federal appeals court judges than every other president combined. 

The booth aims to engage festival attendees and features seating stations for one-on-one conversations with staff. Additionally, the space will include a photo booth to capture a great Essence Festival moment. Last year, over 1,500 people visited the booth and spoke with team members about their interest in getting involved to elect Democrats in their home states. 

“Black voters, and particularly Black women, are the heart of the Democratic Party – and we aren’t taking their support for granted in 2024. Since this campaign began, we’ve focused on meeting people where they’re at, and this year at EssenceFest, we’ll be talking with the grassroots and the grasstops of our party, who are political, economic, and cultural influencers in their communities,” said Brencia Berry, DNC National Political Director. “Democrats have put Black communities at the center of our agenda, and all of the progress we have made and much more is at stake in 2024. In November, Black voters will once again make their voices heard at the ballot box and vote for the only candidates on the ballot that value Black Americans – Democrats.”

“In election after election, we have seen the full power of Black voters at the ballot box, making their voices heard and forming the foundation of the Democratic coalition that’s protected our Senate majority. In 2024, Black voters will continue to play a critical role in determining the outcome of this election, and Senate Democrats are not taking a single voter for granted,” said Jessica Knight Henry, DSCC Deputy Executive Director. “Across our Senate battleground states, we are working to build the on-the-ground organizing, engagement, and mobilization infrastructure to reach Black voters where they are, and join with them to protect Democrats’ Senate majority that is fighting for their values and priorities. We look forward to bringing that effort to the 30th ESSENCE Festival of Culture and speaking with voters about the stakes of this year’s election and the importance of protecting our Democratic Senate majority.”

“The DCCC understands the fact that if we want Democrats to get back to the important work of lowering costs and protecting people’s freedoms, we need to be consistent in our efforts to reach out to and engage Black voters, who are indispensable to our efforts to take back the House majority,” said Tasha Cole, DCCC Deputy Executive Director for Stakeholder Engagement. “We know how critical it is to intentionally prioritize Black voters not just on election day, but every day, and we are excited to once again connect directly with Black women and men at the 30th ESSENCE Festival of Culture. At a time when extremist Republicans are threatening the historic progress Democrats have delivered for Black Americans, it’s more important than ever for us to sustain meaningful engagement and empower Black voters’ voices ahead of this November.” 

“CBCPAC is proud to activate at ESSENCE Festival alongside the DNC, DCCC, DSCC for the third straight year,” said Cara Johnston, CBCPAC Partnerships Director. “We are committed to delivering for Black Americans and we know we must earn the vote in every election. That’s what this engagement is about — connecting with our community, earning the vote, and ensuring our people have the information they need to use their power at the ballot box and in their communities.”

“This election is a choice between protecting women’s reproductive health and giving the government the power to control our bodies,” said Niccara Campbell Wallace, Rolling Sea Action Fund Executive Director. It’s about protecting access to contraception, IVF, and reproductive care or accepting the poor health outcomes Black women already face at the hands of a serial liar in Donald Trump and his klan of extremist Republicans in Congress. We’re at ESSENCE Festival because we know Black women are the backbone of the Democratic Party and we want them to hear from us directly — We’re in this fight together and it is a fight and an election we will win with their help.”

Preview of Democrats’ booth activation below: