DeSantis’ Failed Economic Agenda Is Leaving Floridians Behind

While Ron DeSantis has been busy traveling across the country trying to sell his extreme agenda to voters and courting the most extreme fringes of the GOP base, his failed MAGA economic policies are proving disastrous at home.

Here’s a look at what’s been happening in DeSantis’ Florida since he launched his campaign:

Miami Herald: ‘It’s brutal’: As premiums continue to soar, another home insurer is leaving Florida

Key Point: “Floridians pay the highest property insurance premiums in the nation, and 13 companies have gone insolvent in recent years. Many others have stopped writing new policies or pulled out of Florida.”

Politico: Florida Playbook: Rising cost of living in not quite so free Florida

Key Point: “There’s more — Other victims of the state’s affordability crisis? Florida residents being pushed out of southwest Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, according to a new story by POLITICO’s Zack Colman. Middle class and working class homeowners who bought their homes in years past cannot afford to rebuild to meet modern building codes as required by federal rules and wind up selling their property as vacant land. ‘I hate to say it,’  Isabel Arias Squires, a Fort Myers real estate agent who works with the real estate broker Redfin told Colman. ‘Only very, very, extremely wealthy people will be able to rebuild.’”

CBS News: Florida is now America’s inflation hotspot

Key Point: “Florida is America’s inflation hotspot, thanks to a persistent problem with sky-high housing costs.”

WPTV: Florida gas prices most expensive in 4 weeks amid insurance rate hikes

Key Point: “Florida gas prices rebounded last week, rising an average of 20 cents per gallon. Meanwhile, Florida drivers are also paying more for their insurance premiums with the highest rates in the nation.”

Yahoo Finance: Homeowners in DeSantis’s Florida face a costly and unique problem

Key Point: “Instead, Category 5 fraud and abuse have made Florida’s homeowners insurance market so unprofitable that 15 carriers have become insolvent in the state since 2020 — and others refuse to do business there. ‘This is a man-made catastrophe,’ says Logan McFaddin, vice president of state government relations at the American Property Casualty Insurance Association. ‘It’s not just the weather. It’s frivolous litigation and fraud.’… Critics say DeSantis should be doing more to help Florida homeowners now instead of campaigning out of state. That’s shaping up as a liability for DeSantis if his presidential campaign gathers steam and he becomes a serious contender for the Republican nomination.”

HuffPost: As Ron DeSantis Barnstorms New Hampshire, Thousands Of Floridians Lose Health Insurance

Key Point: “Over the past few weeks, roughly a quarter-million Floridians have lost health insurance coverage through Medicaid. And that’s just the beginning. In the coming months, even more Medicaid beneficiaries in Florida could lose their coverage as well ― with many, and quite possibly most, ending up uninsured altogether.”

Orlando Sentinel: Florida, stop taking Medicaid away from kids, parents who need it | Editorial

Key Point: “What DeSantis knew — what most Florida families probably did not know — was that even as he spoke, state officials were rushing to dump hundreds of thousands of Floridians off Medicaid rolls. Roughly one-third of those losing coverage are children. And as the Sentinel’s Caroline Catherman reported last week, some of those children are so sick they’re not supposed to lose coverage at all.”

CNN Business: Florida’s homeowner insurance rates are four times the national average. That’s not getting better anytime soon

Key Point: “Meanwhile, the regional and local insurers left to provide coverage are in bad shape. Just more than half of insurers based in Florida are on the state insurance regulator’s watch list due to their financial health. Six were forced to liquidate last year, another one earlier this year. And to try to stay solvent, the remaining insurers are charging rates nearly four times as high as the national average. Homeowners in the state pay private insurers about $6,000 a year, compared to a national average of $1,700.”

KTVO: As costs for some double, what’s behind skyrocketing increases in homeowners’ insurance

Key Point: “‘It’s frustrating. Florida is really becoming too expensive for people like my dad. Retirees used to come here all the time, but they’re going to have to find another place because regular folks are getting priced out,’ Vince Arcuri said.”

WPLG: Florida homeowners pay more on average for property insurance than any state, expert says

Key Point: “Florida homeowners are paying more on average for insurance than any other state in the country and rates increased about 40% this year, according to Mark Friedlander, a spokesman for the Insurance Information Institute, a U.S. industry association based out of New York.”