DeSantis Uses Taxpayer Funds to Prolong the Pandemic

If it’s a day that ends in -y, you can bet Ron DeSantis is pushing his anti-science, pro-sickness agenda. Time and time again, DeSantis has shown he would rather prolong the pandemic than protect his constituents’ health, and now he’s unveiled a new plan to use Florida taxpayers’ dollars to pay for an unvaccinated population of people to come to his state and put even more of his constituents at risk.

Washington Post: “As some police fight vaccine rules, DeSantis says Florida will pay them $5,000 to relocate: ‘We’ll treat you better’”

DeSantis, who told Bartiromo he hopes to sign such a bill in the next legislative session, urged officers in New York, Minneapolis and Seattle to relocate to Florida if their departments do not offer accommodations to those declining the coronavirus vaccine.

Covid was the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths last year, killing at least 182 officers, according to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, which tracks such deaths, The Post reported. That’s nearly twice the number killed by gun violence and vehicle crashes combined. At least 133 officers have died of covid so far this year, according to the organization.

DeSantis has opposed vaccine and mask mandates throughout the pandemic. He banned Florida school districts from requiring students to wear masks and last week called for a special legislative session in Florida to block federal vaccine requirements.