DeVos Can’t Defend Trump’s Broken Promises To Pennsylvania Students & Families

In response to Secretary of Education Betsy Devos’ visit to Pennsylvania today, DNC spokeswoman and Pennsylvania native Maddie McComb issued the following statement: 

“Just like her boss Donald Trump, Secretary DeVos has made it a practice to break her promises to Pennsylvania students; she has sought to siphon money away from their schools, made it harder for survivors to seek justice on college campuses, and defanged regulations protecting students from low-quality for-profit colleges. Put another way: DeVos and Trump have been a disaster for Pennsylvania students, their families and teachers. 

“Instead of showing up for a photo op today, she should head back to Washington and do the work to build an education system that works for everyone, not just the children of millionaires and billionaires.”

Here’s a reminder of how the Trump administration has broken their promises to students and families on education (so far):