DeVos Will Have To Defend Trump’s Devastating Budget Cuts

While Secretary DeVos testifies before Congress today, here’s a look at some of the many devastating cuts in Trump’s budget proposal that she will have to defend:

For the third year in a row, Trump’s budget would slash the Department of Education’s funding, this time calling for a 12 percent cut, and would create a $5 billion program to encourage taxpayers to donate to private school scholarships.


Inside Higher Ed: “The proposal marks the third straight year that President Trump has asked Congress for major cuts to education spending—the proposal would mean a 12 percent cut for the Education Department from fiscal year 2019 — and to overall discretionary expenditures.”


Washington Post: “The $5 billion plan to support scholarships for children to attend private schools was pitched this month by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. It would be administered by the Treasury Department and would encourage taxpayers to donate to scholarship funds by offering a dollar-for-dollar deduction on federal taxes.”

Trump’s budget would end public service loan forgiveness, and slash more than half of the budget for college work-study programs.

Washington Post: “DeVos again wants to end loan forgiveness for public-sector workers and slash more than half of the budget for college work-study programs. Those proposals failed in a Republican-led Congress and have even less of a chance with the Democrats controlling the House.”


CBS News: “The president’s budget also suggests for additional education cuts, including: … Eliminating subsidized student loans, which could raise costs for borrowers.”

Trump’s budget would eliminate programs to help disadvantaged students prepare for college, create community centers, and improve instruction.


Washington Post: “The budget includes other education initiatives: … Eliminating the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and the Gear Up program, which helps disadvantaged students in middle and high schools prepare for college.”


Washington Post: “Trump’s budget request again seeks to cut popular programs, including one that supports after-school activities for children in impoverished communities and another that offers wide-ranging grants that underwrite textbooks, equipment, counseling services and other needs for schools. That pool of money — the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program — also underwrites school safety efforts, including mental-health services and school safety equipment.”


Associated Press: “The proposal would eliminate 29 programs, including a $2 billion program meant to help schools improve instruction, and a $1.2 billion program to create community centers.”

Trump’s budget cuts grants to expand the Special Olympics and provides no additional funding for special education grants to states.


New York Times: “On Friday, the White House announced that Karen Pence, the second lady, would lead a delegation to the United Arab Emirates in support of disabled American athletes at the Special Olympics. On Monday, the White House’s budget proposed striking $17.6 million in grants to expand the event. What a difference a few days can make.”

Education Week: “Special education grants to states would also be level-funded at $13.2 billion.”