Diverse Party Leadership Celebrate June Immigrant Heritage Month

With Immigrant Heritage Month coming to an end, Caucus and Council Chairs of the Democratic National Committee issued the following statements to reaffirm the Democratic Party’s strong support of immigrants and to celebrate the many positive contributions immigrants and their children have made to our country.  Recently, the chairs encouraged Democratic Members of Congress to co-sponsor S.Res. 216 and H.Res. 325 that both recognize June as “Immigrant Heritage Month” and thanked President Obama for his support of this important celebration too:

DNC AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong: “The very fabric of our country is bound by the diverse ethnicities that make up each and every community. From small businesses to the sciences and technologies, from social engagement to national defense, and music to the arts, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have contributed to every part of the vibrant immigrant community and to our nation as a whole. During Immigrant Heritage Month, we recognize the sacrifices that our country’s immigrants have made in shaping this nation into what it is today as well as the role that they have in moving America forward.” 

DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair Iris Martinez: “We applaud President Obama for his support of Immigrant Heritage Month and Democrats Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Linda Sanchez for their leadership on Resolutions in the Senate and House to officially declare June Immigrant Heritage Month, and commend all the Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle who have co-sponsored those Resolutions and encourage others to sign-on. The positive contributions of Hispanic immigrants and their families to our economy, culture, technology innovations and homeland security are immeasurable.  Their devotion to our country can be seen in every community across our nation.” 

DNC Ethnic Council Chair Dr. James Zogby: “My mom was a Democrat because, as she would always remind us, when her family came to America over a century ago, it was the Democratic party that welcomed them and helped them to settle in this New World. That is what our party did then and that is what we still do.  Immigration is central to America's story, just as supporting immigrants is central to our party's story. It defines who we are and what we have represented to the millions who have traveled to our shore seeking freedom and opportunity. I am, therefore, so pleased that our party is honoring Immigrant Heritage Month and I encourage all Democratic Members of Congress to co-sponsor S.Res. 216 and H.Res. 325 declaring June Immigrant Heritage Month and celebrating the many contributions of immigrants and their families.”

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