DNC and AZ Dems File Lawsuit to Strike Down Arizona Republicans’ Scheme to Deny Eligible Voters the Right to Vote

Today, the DNC and the Arizona Democratic Party are filing a lawsuit asking federal courts to apply settled law and strike down Arizona Republicans’ undemocratic scheme that could deny eligible voters the ability to vote in federal elections. This legal challenge comes after the Republican-led Arizona Legislature imposed an unconstitutional proof of citizenship law requiring Arizonans to submit documentation when registering to vote in federal elections, and forcing eligible voters who did not previously present proof of citizenship to do so. 

A very similar law was struck down by the Supreme Court nearly a decade ago, in a decision authored by Justice Scalia, no less.  That decision held that Arizona may not demand documentary proof of citizenship before registering voters, but the state legislature is back to try again. 

The lawsuit calls to account Arizona Republicans’ attempt to suggest that the state can disregard federal law in determining who may vote in a presidential election — a radical claim that has been rejected by every court in which it has been brought.

“Arizona Republicans’ undemocratic effort to make it harder for eligible Arizonans to vote is a violation of federal law — plain and simple,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “The DNC is taking action to ensure that all eligible Arizona voters are able to fulfill their sacred right to vote, free of partisan hurdles designed to discourage Arizonans from voting.”
“Arizonans deserve secure and reliable access to the ballot box,” said Raquel Terán, Arizona Democratic Party Chair. “Governor Ducey and Arizona Republicans’ blatantly unconstitutional move to restrict eligible Arizona voters’ freedom to vote is unacceptable. Democrats stand united in fighting this powergrab to restrict Arizonans’ voting rights tooth and nail.”