DNC and Biden-Harris Campaign Announce Plans to Hold Trump Accountable For His Dangerous Project 2025 Agenda at the RNC

Democrats to launch a significant six-figure investment in out-of-home advertising across the city and host daily press conference in Milwaukee headlined by key surrogates

The DNC and Biden-Harris campaign are announcing plans to hold Donald Trump and the rest of his far-right MAGA allies accountable for their dangerous extremism at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee next week. The DNC and the Biden-Harris campaign will be on the ground, on the airwaves, and online to call out Donald Trump’s toxic Project 2025 agenda and make sure voters understand just how dangerous and out-of-touch Trump’s GOP has become.

These plans will include paid visibility efforts, daily press conferences headlined by key surrogates, and a robust rapid response operation in addition to organizing efforts in Wisconsin and across the country. In the wake of the SCOTUS immunity decision that would make it even easier for convicted felon Donald Trump to be a dictator on “day one,” the Democrats will run counter-programming all week to highlight for the Americans people the grave danger that Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans pose to our democracy, our rights, and our livelihoods. 

DNC Communications Director Rosemary Boeglin released the following statement: 

“The GOP is descending on Milwaukee next week to showcase the best that they have to offer the American people: a coup-attempting convicted felon. If Trump thought Milwaukee was ‘horrible’ before, he won’t be happy when he’s met by a counter-convention from Democrats on the ground who will expose his extreme Project 2025 agenda and hold him accountable for shilling for the rich at the expense of working families, attacking reproductive freedom, and threatening to be a dictator on ‘day one.’ Trump wants to sell the American people on a return to his reckless, chaotic extremism — but Americans know a fraud and a liar when they see one.”

Trump’s far-right ultra-MAGA Project 2025 agenda will be on full display at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, which will showcase the dangerous and out-of-touch MAGA platform. Democrats will focus on what is at stake in this election:

  • Ban Abortion, Punish Women: Trump and his MAGA VP contenders are united on an extreme anti-choice agenda to ban abortion nationwide, criminalize abortion care, and threaten access to contraception and IVF as part of their all-out assault on reproductive freedom. Under Trump and the GOP’s dangerous vision, even survivors of rape and incest could be denied access to abortion thanks to Trump’s extreme bans.
  • Tax Breaks for Billionaires, Higher Costs for You: After passing a massive tax giveaway for the ultra-rich and mega-corporations while leaving working families behind, Trump and the GOP are doubling down on their plan for another tax handout for the wealthy that would come on the backs of middle-class families – who for the first time in history paid a higher tax rate than billionaires thanks to Trump’s tax scam.
  • Terminate the Affordable Care Act, Gut Social Security: Republicans have been pushing to gut earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare and repeal the Affordable Care Act for years – and under Trump they got closer than ever before. Trump pushed to rip away health care protections for millions of Americans with preexisting conditions and included cuts to Social Security and Medicare in every one of his budgets as president. If given the chance, he could gut these programs for good for millions of Americans.
  • Dictator on “Day One”: Trump’s extreme election denialism has become a GOP litmus test – even after his lies and conspiracy theories led to a violent mob storming the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of the last election. Now, Trump is warning of a “bloodbath” if he loses, pledging to pardon January 6 insurrectionists, and saying he will be a dictator on “day one” if he wins. Our democracy is under assault from Trump and the rest of his MAGA lackeys, who are already setting the stage to challenge the outcome of the next election. 

The DNC will be deploying a range of tactics to hold Trump and his MAGA allies accountable at the Republican National Convention:

  • Paid visibility efforts: The DNC is launching a massive six-figure paid media campaign to blanket Milwaukee, targeting Trump and MAGA Republicans’ unpopular, far-right agenda while lifting up President Biden’s record of delivering for working families. This will include:
    • 16 billboards across the Milwaukee area
    • 57 bus wraps for the entire month of July
    • A mobile billboard that will circle around RNC staging grounds
  • Daily Press Conferences: Every morning, the DNC and Biden-Harris campaign will host a press conference featuring key surrogates calling out the toxic, extreme MAGA agenda that Trump and the rest of the GOP are running on. Democrats will outline Trump’s dangerous plans to ban abortion, gut affordable health care access and earned benefits, give tax handouts to the ultra-wealthy, and attack our democracy.
  • Surrogates On the Ground: Key surrogates from across the country will head to Milwaukee to speak to the dangerous agenda Trump and MAGA Republicans are pushing and contrast it with President Biden’s record of accomplishment and vision for his second term. Some of these surrogates include DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, Governor Pritzker, Senator Cory Booker, Former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Representative Veronica Escobar.
  • Realtime Rapid Response: The DNC rapid response operation will be closely monitoring the convention to showcase Trump and MAGA Republicans’ dangerous agenda and hold Trump and MAGA Republicans accountable in real time for their toxic extremism and lies.