DNC Announces “Chair Chats Tour” with Chair Harrison

Today, Chair Jaime Harrison will launch a Chair Chats Tour to hear directly from DNC members as well as members of the DNC’s caucuses and councils about their vision for the party and the tools they need to organize 365 days a year and win elections up and down the ballot nationwide.

Chair Harrison will begin DNC Chair Chats this week by meeting with the DNC’s Rural Council, followed by the Black Caucus during Black History Month. Harrison began hosting Chair Chats when he was South Carolina Democratic Party Chair as a means to connect with Democrats on the ground.

“The Democratic Party retained the House majority, flipped the Senate, and won the White House because we invested and organized early,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “The DNC is committed to building on our successes — and that means putting in the work from Day One, organizing for every election in every ZIP code in every year, and integrating the lessons we can learn from those working directly in our states and with critical groups of voters. The Chair Chats Tour will allow us to connect with those who have been on the front lines and is a first step toward building our party even stronger and electing more Democrats nationwide.”

Chair Harrison’s first order of business at the DNC is hearing directly from Democrats so that we can build on the successes of this past election by engaging with, investing in, and organizing every community, in every state, territory, and ZIP code, 12 months a year—not only in election years. It’s why we were successful in the 2018 midterms, why we won and took back the White House in 2020, and why we will continue to win elections up and down the ballot.

Chair Chats are being scheduled at the convenience of the caucus or council chair, and in no particular order. During the tour, Chair Harrison will hear from the following DNC caucuses and councils:

  • Eastern Caucus

  • Southern Caucus

  • Western Caucus

  • Midwestern Caucus

  • AAPI Caucus

  • Black Caucus

  • Hispanic Caucus

  • Native American Caucus

  • Women’s Caucus

  • LGBT Caucus

  • Youth Council

  • Senior Council

  • Rural Council

  • Poverty Council

  • Interfaith Council

  • Small Business Council

  • Disability Council

  • Veterans and Military Families Council

  • Labor Council

  • Ethnic Coordinating Council

  • Environmental and Climate Crisis Council

  • College Democrats of America

  • High School Democrats of America

  • Young Democrats of America