DNC Announces Expanded Senior Staff Roles

Tom Perez announced that Clayton Cox and Patrice Taylor are taking on expanded roles at the DNC. Clayton Cox will oversee the Finance Department and oversee our fundraising efforts. Most recently, Cox has served as the Senior Advisor to the DNC Finance Department. Patrice Taylor is expanding her role and will serve as the liaison between the DNC and our Party’s Officers and Leadership.  This is in addition to her current role where she is responsible for managing all of the Party’s institutional affairs, including the presidential nomination process, and special projects such as the DNC’s Unity Reform Commission.


“Clayton and Patrice have been essential to our team since I stepped in the building,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “Thanks to Clayton’s help, we’ve been outperforming recent off-year fundraising efforts and turning those resources into wins in Republican strongholds. I’m more than confident in Clayton’s leadership and his ability to raise the resources we need to win elections this year, next year, and beyond. Patrice has been the driving force behind the efforts to power our Unity Reform Commission and ensure our party is stronger than ever as we head into election season. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that every Democrat has a voice in our Party’s affairs.” 


“I’m very proud of the work my team has been able to accomplish over the past year, and I’m honored to take charge of our fundraising efforts going forward,” said DNC National Finance Advisor Clayton Cox. “There’s very real grassroots activity taking place across the country, and I’ve got an outstanding team that’s ready to transform this energy into smart investments for Democrats. I’m excited to continue winning and racking up historic victories that will serve as a testament to the DNC’s fundraising skill.”


“As we head toward the 2018 midterms and beyond, we're building an even stronger and more inclusive party,” said DNC Director of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection Patrice Taylor. “All across the country, voters are hungry for Democratic leadership, and Democrats everywhere are uniting around our shared values.”