DNC Announces Historic New GOTV Paid Media Campaign Ahead of Early State Presidential Primaries 

Six-figure, multilingual ad blitz in SC and NV will highlight what’s at stake for voters of color, rural, and youth voters in 2024

Today, the DNC is announcing a new, six-figure advertising blitz to reach voters of color, along with youth and rural voters, ahead of the Democratic presidential primaries in South Carolina and Nevada. 

“Democrats are launching a historic effort to reach voters where they are and in the languages they speak to ensure we are building a broad coalition of support as we head into election year,” said Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison. “By bringing South Carolina and Nevada to the forefront of our primary calendar, Democrats are uplifting new, diverse voices that for too long have been sidelined and silenced. With this innovative campaign, we are reaching voters in early states to ensure these primaries are a success, and every South Carolinian and Nevadan can exercise their sacred right to vote. The stakes have never been higher and through this Get Out the Vote campaign, voters will get the information they need in their local papers, on the airwaves, online, and in their communities to make their voices heard at the ballot box.”  

The advertising campaign was created and executed in collaboration with diverse, local vendors and creatives who understand how to reach and engage the communities targeted through this campaign.

The campaign features a six-figure investment in radio, print, digital, and out-of-home advertising to reach Black, rural, and youth voters in South Carolina, along with a six-figure investment to reach AANHPI, Black, and Latino voters in Nevada in multiple languages, including Chinese (Traditional), English, Spanish, and Tagalog. 

In addition to traditional advertising methods through constituency outlets, the DNC is using a variety of creative tactics to reach specific communities, including micro- and geo-targeted digital ads delivering tailored, localized messaging that addresses the unique priorities of different constituencies; video advertising at campus kiosks directing young voters to IWillVote.com via QR codes; and high-impact billboard placements in rural areas as well as high-traffic cultural hubs, such as near Chinatown Plaza in Las Vegas. 

The ads highlight the stakes of the 2024 election – including the fundamental threat to American freedoms from an extreme MAGA agenda – and direct individuals to IWillVote.com and VoyAVotar.com, the DNC’s voter participation hub, where voters can make a plan to vote in the South Carolina and Nevada presidential primaries. 

Listen to samples of the SC radio ads HERE (DNC Chair Harrison), HERE (SCDP Chair Christale Spain), and HERE (Congressman Jim Clyburn).

Listen to a Spanish-language NV radio ad HERE

See samples of the out-of-home ads below. 

In South Carolina: 

In Nevada: 

See samples of the print and digital ads below. 

In South Carolina:

In Nevada: