DNC Announces New Program: Team Blue

In partnership with organizations including Swing Left, 270 Strategies, Obama Alumni Association, Hillary Alumni Group, Bernie Alumni, Sister District, Flippable, and MobilizeAmerica


Democrats are seeing increased enthusiasm all across the country with a record number of volunteers wanting to get involved in campaigns.  In an effort to help direct this enthusiasm and get people plugged into campaigns up and down the ballot, today the DNC is launching a new volunteer program called Team Blue. Team Blue will support campaigns’ on-the-ground efforts by making it easier for people to find volunteer opportunities that work with their schedule or to identify a campaign where they could spend weeks or months volunteering full time during the final stretch.


Additionally, Team Blue is partnering with 270 Strategies and Swing Left on a new initiative called the ‘GOTV Deployment Project,’ which is working with campaigns to identify their needs and then matching and deploying experienced and diverse campaign talent to key races up and down the ballot, including Swing Left’s targeted congressional campaigns. The GOTV Deployment Project will maximize voter contact and other GOTV activities done by volunteers, including knocking doors and making calls during the final weeks and last weekend before November 6th.


The GOTV Deployment Project is managed by 270 Strategies, utilizing its organizing experts and campaign veterans, in collaboration with Swing Left and the DNC’s Team Blue Program. Key partners to all of these efforts include the Obama Alumni Association, Hillary Alumni Group and Bernie Alumni – all of whom will be encouraging their alumni to add needed capacity to critical races, to effectively channel the increasing wave of grassroots energy and deploy volunteers who want to help get out the vote.


In addition, Team Blue is partnering with Sister District, Flippable and MobilizeAmerica in an effort to encourage people to find events and volunteer shifts near them that are focused on important state legislative races.


Team Blue is also excited to encourage people to sign up to volunteer through ‘The Last Weekend’, a coalition initiative of more than 40 major grassroots progressive organizations organized by Swing Left, to drive volunteer action to targeted congressional races during the final four days before midterm elections. And finally, Team Blue recruits captains – leaders who are ready to spread the word about Team Blue through their communities and networks. Anyone can sign up for all of these options here.


“Team Blue makes it easy for someone to find ‘a shift’ near them, for races up and down the ballot, or take weeks or months off to support a campaign,” said DNC Director of States Allison Zelman. “A key component of Team Blue is identifying people who are willing to dedicate their time to support campaigns full time during the home stretch before Election Day. We are so excited by Team Blue’s partnerships with progressive organizations and the power of the grassroots, working together to identify, recruit and send out motivated people from around the country to help with our Democratic campaigns.”


“It's exciting that so many campaign alumni want to get involved in the midterms. We're seeing a growing swell of progressive grassroots energy, including thousands of first-time volunteers signing up to knock on doors and make calls–with many thousands more expected in the lead up to Election Day. The support of experienced campaigners in Swing Districts will be key to maximizing the impact of our volunteers on taking back the House in November,” said Marisa Kanof, GOTV Director at Swing Left.


“I’m so encouraged by the enthusiasm we’re seeing from Democrats this cycle and deeply inspired by the caliber of candidates who have stepped forward at this critical time for our nation and our communities. With so many of the values we hold dear as Americans under attack at the highest levels of government, it’s hard to overstate the stakes this election — that’s why we have to fight for every seat and vote,” said Meg Ansara, CEO of 270 Strategies. “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with the DNC and Swing Left to help the many fired up Democrats across the country get involved in campaigns up and down the ticket, volunteer on key races, and make the difference this November.”


“As Obama alumni, we are excited to help elect Democrats across the country – including dozens of Obama alumni who are themselves running for office,” said Paulette Aniskoff, Former Obama White House, Founder of Citizen44. “This is a powerful network who firmly believes ‘Don’t boo, vote.’ The alumni association has chapters across the country filled with talented political veterans who know what’s at stake this November. We also know the power of volunteers and how impactful they can be when they are connected, engaged and mobilized across the country and we look forward to joining the fight.”


“We are thrilled to support the Democrats as they do the important work of mobilizing volunteers and voters to win all across the country.  Hillary alumni know first-hand that every vote matters,” said Meredith Shepherd, Hillary Alumni Group. “We’re excited to work with a program like Team Blue to help connect campaigns with the vital extra people power they need in these crucial final weeks.  The record enthusiasm we are seeing this cycle is incredibly encouraging, and we can’t wait to add to Team Blue’s effort to channel that enthusiasm into the kind of action we know will help Democrats win up and down the ballot!”


“As a Bernie 2016 alum, I’m glad to see the DNC reaching out to ensure all the presidential campaigns are included in the midterms,” said Melissa Byrne, Bernie Alumni 2016. “This will make it so everyone is finding their way to help Democrats win in November. This new tool is exactly what we need to connect experienced campaigners with campaigns where they can bring their experience and knock/call/text all the doors.”


“Now is the time for Democrats to form dedicated, diverse coalitions to win in 2018 and to build long-term power. Whether volunteers have just a few hours or a few days, they can make a meaningful contribution towards getting out the vote and taking our country back,” said Rita Bosworth, Founder and Executive Director of Sister District. “Together, the organizations on Team Blue will channel online energy into offline organizing and real life voter turnout.”


“This November’s elections are about more than winning back power for one cycle. They’re about investing in democracy where it matters: at the state level,” said Catherine Vaughan, Co-Founder and CEO of Flippable. “State representatives draw our maps. They decide who gets to vote, and when, and how. And they pass laws on the most important issues of our day, from Medicaid expansion to gun control to labor protections.  We’re excited to be a part of the Team Blue initiative to help volunteers find opportunities to flip states this fall.”


“Team Blue and the GOTV Deployment Project are critical initiatives launched at a critical time. MobilizeAmerica is proud to partner with the DNC, SwingLeft and other leading groups to connect motivated people to the highest impact volunteer opportunities in their communities and across the country,” said Alfred Johnson, C0-Founder and CEO of Mobilize America.