DNC Announces Unprecedented Midterm Investments

In remarks made to the National Press Club moments ago, Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison announced the first round of the DNC’s investments in 2022. The DNC will play a bigger role in midterms than ever before, and will put its cash to work early to double the time that DNC programs have to engage voters.

The DNC will invest $20m in states well before the 2022 general election begins. Our investments will focus on top 2022 electoral targets, many of which also lay a vital foundation for 2024.

  • As part of this investment, the DNC will launch our biggest ever voter protection program. The DNC will place voter protection embeds in critical states, including Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania–ultimately funding dozens of voter protection staffers across the country in 2022.
  • In key states including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, we will invest millions in early distributed organizing programs and will fund communications embeds. Our top priority will be to lift up grassroots voices and help to define and localize Democratic accomplishments.
  • We will build on successful virtual organizing efforts in 2020. We have 200k active online volunteers who we will begin to deploy in 2021 elections (VA, NJ, specials, etc.) and early voter re-engagement to expand the Biden coalition in 2022. 
  • We’ve already been laying groundwork in key races. In Virginia, where we’re focused on holding the House of Delegates and keeping  a Democrat in the governor’s mansion, we’ve made a six-figure investment to help launch the “VA Turnout Project,” an important foundation for the GE coordinated campaign. These funds will strengthen organizing efforts in targeted HoD districts, while also helping to build a diverse talent pipeline – the VA team is 57% BIPOC with broad representation of Black, AAPI, and Latino staff.
  • We will invest more money in the 50-state strategy than ever before. We will also do everything we can to support every state party and every party committee.
  • We also are re-imagining coalitions organizing; traditionally campaigns start with a statewide program and add coalitions work at the end for GOTV – instead we’re going to start with the coalitions and build out statewide from there. Developing and driving on-the-ground relational organizing tactics from the ground up, instead of top-down. 
  • We want to build on the diverse, local talent pipelines we started in 2019-20 – both continuing the entry-level foundations and also continuing to move diverse, local talent up the organization to develop the next generation of campaign leadership for 2022, 2024 and beyond. Our talent pipeline programs in 2020 trained over 1,000 prospective staff and helped ensure every battleground state team was more diverse than its electorate – and was majority local.
  • We will continue to invest in our Tech team, the largest in DNC history, to fuel the long-term and innovative infrastructure needed to win elections, and that will benefit the larger Democratic ecosystem with state-of-the-art tools, tech, data, analytics, and more.