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This is the DNC’s Battleground Brief — a weekly wrap-up of Trump’s broken promises and everything you need to know across the path to 270.

*ICYMI*: HEALTH CARE IS STILL THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FOR VOTERS. AND DONALD TRUMP IS STILL BREAKING HIS PROMISES ON HEALTH CARE. POLITICO-Harvard Health released a poll stating what American voters already know: Health care will be the most critically important issue in 2020. As reported by Politico:

  • “The vast majority of Americans rank cutting health care and prescription drug costs as their top priorities heading into election season, regardless of party affiliation, according to a new POLITICO-Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health survey.

  • “Roughly 80 percent of those surveyed ranked ‘taking steps to lower the cost of health care’ as ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ important, including 89 percent of Democrats and 76 percent of Republicans.”

  • “Reducing prescription-drug costs saw similar support at 75 percent, with majorities in both parties ranking it as extremely or very important.”

TRUMP CAN’T GET PAST HIS BUDGET BLUES. Democrats continue to slam Trump for his careless budget proposal, which, if implemented, would slash funding for Medicaid, Social Security programs and more. Take a look:


Michigan: MLive: Stabenow, Michigan Democrats slam Trump’s proposed health care cuts.

“Michigan Democrats said President Donald Trump’s 2021 budget proposal shows his priorities contradict his promises to protect health care for vulnerable Americans…U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, convened a Tuesday morning press conference with physicians and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., to denounce the budget proposal. Stabenow said Trump’s budget contradicts his promises to protect federal health care programs and people with pre-existing conditions.

“Michigan Democrats also criticized a recently unveiled a plan that would allow states to cap Medicaid spending. The plan would let states apply for a waiver and receive Medicaid funding through federal block grants. The Michigan Democratic Party criticized the plan during a round table with physicians last week focused on the Trump administration’s health care moves.”


“‘Donald Trump’s cuts to the Essential Air Service program are are just the latest example of yet another broken promise to rural Pennsylvanians,’ said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Spokesperson Andres Anzola. ‘His cuts would cripple regional economies by making it harder for rural communities to do business. And they would endanger families in remote areas that require airlifts for life-saving medical treatment. Trump’s reckless agenda has consequences. We will continue to hold the President accountable for putting the needs of wealthy special interests over working families.’”

Arizona: Arizona Democrats: After Countless Promises to Protect Arizonans’ Social Security and Medicare, Trump Takes Axe to Vital Programs.

“‘Arizonans can’t rely on Donald Trump to take care of their hard-earned benefits. Trump’s FY21 budget proposal prioritizes his rich donors and special interest groups while demonstrating how little he cares about hardworking Arizonans. Democrats are ready to fight tooth and nail to protect these vital programs and ensure the well-being of every Arizonan.’”

WHICH BRINGS US TO YOUR MANDATORY WEEKEND READING: Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wickler and Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo outline the dangerous consequences of Trump’s proposed budget for Wisconsinites and Floridians in the Cap Times and South Florida Times. Some highlights below:

The Cap Times: Ben Wikler: Wisconsinites must stand together against Trump’s attacks on our social safety net.

  • “When Donald Trump ran for president, he vowed that he wouldn’t be like other Republicans — that he would, in fact, uphold this pact. When he visited Appleton in 2016, Trump drew a sharp line between himself and the rest of the GOP: ‘They want to take your Medicare, take your Social Security, cut the hell out of it. I’m not going to do that. … As sure as you’re sitting there, you’re keeping your Social Security. You’ve been paying in all your lives. You’re going to keep your Social Security and your Medicare.’”

  • “It wasn’t an isolated incident. In May 2015, he tweeted, ‘I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.’ It was a promise he repeated over and over, at rallies and online. But it was a lie.


  • “President Donald Trump posted a tweet on Saturday vowing, ‘We will not be touching your Social Security and Medicare in Fiscal 2021 Budget.’ One day later, the Wall Street Journal published a report indicating that Trump is doing exactly that with his budget proposal.

  • “As his budget proposals indicate, this promise was an empty one. Trump, however, seems to realize that cutting entitlements is a political loser for him, and as a result has continued to make assertions about preserving them that are at odds with reality.”

IN VEGAS, PEREZ, SEN. MASTO HIGHLIGHT MOBILIZE LATINAS. DNC Chair Tom Perez led a discussion in Las Vegas with U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and Latina community leaders to highlight Trump’s broken promises on health care and a range of other issues, as well as Democrats’ efforts to mobilize the Latina vote in 2020.

KVVU: “Democratic leaders joined Latina activists in the Valley today to talk about the importance of the election. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto joined Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez in the conversation. They talked about the Democrats’ efforts to mobilize the Latina vote in 2020, along with how overturning the Affordable Care Act would affect Nevadans.”

KLAS: Líderes latinos unidos en un ‘Cafecito con Politics’ previo al debate. Representantes demócratas junto a activistas latinos se hicieron presente dentro del restaurante Casa Don Juan para conectarse con la comunidad latina sobre los temas de inmigración, salud y educación en Nevada.

Entre los invitados estaba el director del Comité Nacional Demócrata Tom Perez, la senadora Catherine Cortez Masto, el director de NV Dems William McCurdy y líderes latinas representando a este evento bajo el nombre ‘Viva Las Vegas Cafecito con Politics’.

IN PHOENIX, ARIZONANS SLAM TRUMP’S BROKEN PROMISES ON HEALTH CARE. DNC Chair Tom Perez led Arizona elected officials and community leaders in a roundtable discussion on Trump’s record of broken promises to Arizona families, including his recent proposed budget cuts that would slash funding for Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security programs that Arizonans depend on.

Perez: “He [Trump] has no plan. Look in his budget, there is no meaningful plan to reduce drug costs. We were proud as Democrats, to stand up for people who are fighting to retain their health care, some of whom are in this room.”

Some highlights from the roundtable:

Arizona Republic: In Phoenix, DNC chairman Tom Perez stresses Trump’s ‘broken promises’. “Seeking to repeat 2018’s ballot-box success for Democrats in Arizona and across the country, the national party’s chairman spent Monday in Phoenix emphasizing what he called President Donald Trump’s ‘broken promises’ in his proposed budget, especially on health care.Tom Perez … hammered Trump’s priorities, saying Trump had broken campaign pledges not to hurt Social Security and Medicare while preserving tax cuts for the wealthy.

“‘He promised to make prescription drugs cheaper, and that hasn’t happened because he refuses to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry,’ Perez said. ‘He repeatedly promised he would not cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. You look at the budget in 2021, the proposed budget that they submitted last week does exactly that.”


“Perez came out swinging during a Democratic roundtable discussion. With an anti-Trump sign as the backdrop and the media invited to listen in, Perez says he believes the Democrats will stake their claim to Arizona in 2020.”

Watch the full clip here.

PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCRATS ARE BRINGING THEIR STATE ‘BACK TO BLUE’. PA Democrats are touring the state over the next several weeks to energize voters ahead of November. The party will also launch a voter registration canvass to emphasize the state party’s earlier-than-ever organizing push for the 2020 election. Some highlights from the latest stop on the tour:

Erie News Now: “The Erie Dems had a kickoff event today at the Erie County Democratic headquarters on State St. The event was co-hosted by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Following the kickoff, they discussed their day of action to get more people registered to vote across Erie county.”

WJET: “The 2020 campaign season is officially underway for local Democrats. Dozens of people joined together at the Democratic headquarters to kick off the year by hearing from hopeful candidates, elected officials and the L.T. Governor of Pennsylvania. The theme of the rally was ‘Back to Blue’ striving as motivation to get people out to help gain signatures and others out to vote this year.”

Erie Times-News: “The lieutenant governor appeared at a ‘Back to Blue’ event at Democratic headquarters. Party supporters, Democratic office-holders and candidates attended the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s ‘Back To Blue’ rally tour. Fetterman spent about an hour at the Erie rally following earlier Saturday appearances at party rallies in Mercer and Crawford counties.”

NEW VIDEO BY MDP CHAIR LAVORA BARNES: Barnes discusses the MDP’s organizing and voter protection work during an interview while contrasting the Democratic Party’s positive agenda with Donald Trump’s broken promises.



In Colorado: Denver Post: Morgan Carroll: All the lies Trump will tell Coloradans when he comes to town. Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carrol slammed Trump for his broken promises on issues that matter to Coloradans before his visit: “Meanwhile, Trump’s promises of lowering health care costs are as flimsy as his promise that Mexico would pay for his medieval wall. Whether it’s his numerous attempts to sabotage the ACA, going to court to destroy the ACA entirely (which could cost hundreds of thousands of Coloradans their coverage), or his budget that cuts billions of dollars from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, Trump has taken nearly every step possible to undermine Coloradans’ health insurance — all with no plan to replace the ACA if it goes away. If you were looking for Cory Gardner, you could find him voting for every ACA repeal attempt, supporting Trump’s lawsuit to destroy the ACA, or looking for another elevator to duck questions from reporters.”

In Florida: Florida Democratic Party Chair, Terrie Rizzo: “Trump is coming back to Florida to gloss over the cruel and personal impacts of his broken promises on health care. I hope he enjoys the campaign while it lasts, but health care is the number one issue for Floridians — as they learn about his mission to undermine the ACA and cut Medicare and Medicaid, Trump’s brutal agenda will cost him at the ballot box.”

In Virginia: Blue Virginia: Ahead of Pence Visit, VA Dems Slam Trump’s Broken Promises to Hampton Roads.“‘‘Donald Trump and Mike Pence continue to fail Virginians, especially those in Hampton Roads. They’ve gutted crucial military funding that the region relies on in favor of a failed border wall thousands of miles away. Whatever he says tomorrow, Pence can’t spin that failed legacy of broken promises to Virginia,’ said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox.”

In California: San Bernardino Sun: Protests, rallies will greet Trump in Coachella Valley. “Democratic National Committee spokesman John Weber issued a statement calling Trump’s Southern California fundraising swing ‘shameful.’ ‘Just after proposing devastating cuts to California families’ Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Donald Trump is spending time with the only Californians he’s ever cared about: ultra-wealthy donors,’ Weber said. ‘Californians deserve a president who prioritizes the needs of working families over the demands of a few powerful special interests, and this November, we’ll send one to the White House.’”


HuffPost: Farm Bankruptcies Soared 20% Amid Trump Trade War. It’s The Highest Rate In 8 Years.

California County News: California Farm Bankruptcies Up 65%.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Farm bankruptcies keep rising in Minnesota and U.S.

Carolina Journal: Rising N.C. farm bankruptcies — canary in the coal mine?

KIWA: Iowa Sees Farm Bankruptcies Almost Double In 2019.

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