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This is the DNC’s Battleground Brief — a weekly wrap-up of Trump’s broken promises and everything you need to know across the path to 270. 

TRUMP’S NO GOOD, VERY BAD WEEK IN PENNSYLVANIA. When Trump traveled to Pennsylvania this week, he was greeted with disastrous coverage — highlighting everything from his failed coronavirus response, to a state GOP infrastructure in shambles. Take a look:

Philadelphia Inquirer: The Trump campaign has ‘walked away’ from the Pennsylvania Republican Party as 2020 heats up, sources say  “The parting of ways includes the Trump campaign and the RNC moving out of the state party’s Harrisburg headquarters and renting their own offices. The two consultants used the phrase ‘walked away’ independently of each other in describing the split, and a third Republican consultant confirmed their assessment.”

Reuters: In Pennsylvania, signs that Trump’s attacks on mail voting could backfire. “… the president’s messaging may be hurting the party’s chances to win in Pennsylvania, a critical battleground state, where Democrats are dominating a surge in requests to vote by mail in the midst of the pandemic.”

Lehigh Valley Live: ‘Dozens of Allentown residents have perished,’ Democrats blast Trump ahead of warehouse visit: “‘The President is out there claiming victory some how some way but despite his promises and his rhetoric and his Tweet, we still do not have enough tests to safely reopen in Allentown, the Lehigh Valley, and Pennsylvania, and a large swath of the United States,’ (Rep. Schweyer) said.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump says in Pa. visit that it’s time to start ‘opening up’ the state: “‘Donald Trump’s visit was nothing more than a photo op to distract from the fact that his administration doesn’t have this virus under control,’ Pennsylvania Democratic Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills said in a statement.”

Politics PA: PA Dems, Shapiro, DNC, and DAGA Joint Effort Reaches 1 Million PA Voters By Text. “The program, which included training and mobilizing hundreds of volunteers to reach voters remotely, also cited the benefits of voting by mail due to ‘safety concerns caused by the coronavirus pandemic.’ The release also boosted Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement last Monday that shared that nearly one million Pennsylvanians have applied for mail-in ballots thus far.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats now outnumber Republicans in all suburban Philly counties as GOP loses the edge in Chester County. “‘Anyone who has lived in Chester County since George W. Bush won the White House knows the enormity of this moment,’ Dick Bingham, chairman of the Chester County Democratic Committee, said in a statement Tuesday.”

DEMS “GO AFTER DEVOS OVER CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE”. To coincide with Teacher Appreciation Week, Democrats highlighted how Trump’s failed coronavirus response is hurting teachers, students and parents. Some highlights: 

POLITICO: “Democrats are planning a new line of attack against DeVos over her response to the pandemic. A new memo being circulated today by the Democratic National Committee argues DeVos “used this crisis as an opportunity to push her disastrous agenda that undermines our nation’s public school system.” — DNC Chairman Tom Perez will hold a call today with the mayor of Southfield, Mich., and a Grand Rapids teacher. A DNC spokesperson says the effort will continue in other battleground states and include “press calls, virtual events, guest columns and other digital tactics, utilizing surrogates as well as the voices of teachers, parents, and students and others who have been impacted.”


  • (NV) Nevada Assemblywoman Selena Torres: “Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos won’t stop playing political games with students’ lives. This time, they’re banning Dreamers from receiving emergency college relief. […] Nevada is home to more than 12,000 Dreamers. When you leave them behind, you leave all of us behind. When you attack Dreamers, you attack Nevada.”



  • (FL) Florida Democrats: “I’d like to thank Florida’s terrific teachers, today and every day. We are fortunate to have teachers who are demonstrating the importance of teaching our children, whether in person or online. They have met the challenge of educating kids through online formats that have been in some cases a difficult transition from traditional classroom learning.”


  • (MO) Associated Press: College class of 2020 will graduate into a wobbly economy. “Nicole Smith, a University of Missouri sophomore, was working three jobs when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She moved home to Rogersville after she lost her hours as a hostess at Texas Roadhouse. Her other jobs, nanny and teaching assistant, were not enough to cover the $570 rent on her Columbia apartment, let alone groceries and car insurance. Now, her summer job as a camp counselor is also up in the air. She said it’s best described as ‘a slippery slope.’”



  • (AZ) Arizona Democrats: “’This is the latest attempt by DeVos to use the pandemic response legislation to advance her dangerous education agenda,’ said Felecia Rotellini, Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, ‘A quality public education system is a fundamental right. Public schools, and the teachers who work there, deserve leaders who will have their back. Democrats will enhance our public education system by investing in our students and our teachers across the state and this nation.’”

**POLITICO: ‘They are angry’: Pandemic and economic collapse slam Trump across Rust Belt.**

“The numbers and interviews, however, paint a much grimmer picture. In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania—Democrats’ so-called “Blue Wall”—19 counties report coronavirus cases doubling in less than 14 days. Trump won all but one of those counties, by an average of 65 percent. Democrats are working to ensure that doesn’t happen again by casting his stewardship over the virus and economy as a betrayal.”

More on how Dems are holding Trump accountable for his disastrous record and continued broken promises: 


  • In Florida: Florida Politics: “After bashing President Trump‘s response to Puerto Rico’s disasters and relief requests as a ‘nightmare,’ Rep. Darren Soto and Democratic allies said Wednesday they have assurances Joe Biden is including island aid. They also say he is refusing to act on proposals for earthquake relief, and is providing far less than needed for coronavirus relief. “‘President Trump is Puerto Rico’s worst nightmare,’ Soto said.”



  • In New Hampshire: New Hampshire Democrats: Trump’s Failure to Prepare for COVID-19 Costs Over 100,000 Granite Staters Their Jobs. “Granite Staters are paying the price for Donald Trump’s failure to prepare for and contain the coronavirus. Every day that Trump downplayed the severity of the coronavirus, spread false information about ‘treatments,’ and refused to take responsibility for his failures, Granite Staters were losing their jobs. Now, months after the first reported case, more than 170,000 Granite Staters have filed for unemployment and are worried about feeding their families, and paying their bills.”




  • In North Carolina:  North Carolina Democrats: Trump Administration Turned Down N95s While N.C. Faces Dangerous Shortage. “‘This weekend’s report in The Washington Post is a solemn reminder that the Trump Administration had numerous opportunities to take proactive steps that would have mitigated the spread of this virus — they failed at every turn,’ said NCDP Communications Director Austin Cook. ‘North Carolina’s first responders continue to put themselves in harm’s way in the fight against this pandemic, and with each passing day we learn more about the extent of this president’s abject failure to protect them.’” 


  • In Nevada: Nevada Democrats: Trump Inflicts Economic Disaster On Nevada With A Failed, Chaotic Pandemic Response. “‘Donald Trump had a chance to take this crisis seriously. Instead, he wasted time, downplayed the pandemic, and failed to take action. Now, as the virus continues to spread, Nevadans are facing an economic catastrophe unlike anything we’ve seen since the Great Depression. Trump can’t spin that reality, and Nevadans can’t afford another four years of his failed, chaotic leadership.’”


WE’RE STILL OUT-ORGANIZING TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS EVERY SINGLE DAY. Across the nation, Democrats are making it their top priority to reach out to voters and let them know about how Trump’s failed policies have brought them harm and put them in a vulnerable position. Some highlights from this week:

In North Carolina: North Carolina Democrats make more than 22,000 calls in First Digital Day of Action. “The North Carolina Democratic Party and the state’s Democratic Coordinated Campaign made more than 22,000 phone calls with the help of more than 100 volunteers on the Party’s first-ever Digital Day of Action this weekend. Coordinated Campaign staff also sent more than 9,000 Twitter messages encouraging voters to volunteer.”

In New Hampshire: WMUR: Stacey Abrams tells NH Democrats Granite State can lead fight against voter suppression. “Former Georgia candidate for governor Stacey Abrams told New Hampshire Democrats on Saturday that the Granite State can be the leader in the fight against what she views as a concerted Republican attempt at voter suppression in 2020. […] Party officials said there were more than 3,000 viewers on the Facebook Live and that it was shared by as many as 14,000 people.”

In Virginia: Gazette-Virginian: Hundreds participate in virtual Democrat convention to tap state, national delegates. “Over 500 people joined virtual conventions across the Commonwealth this weekend in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th Congressional Districts. […] ‘The success of this convention, and of virtual conventions across the Commonwealth, is a clear sign that Virginia Democrats are fired up, united, and ready to elect Joe Biden in November.’”

In Nevada: Las Vegas Review-Journal: Democrats conduct virtual county conventions. “More than 3,500 Democrats from across Nevada participated in virtual county conventions over the weekend as part of the state party’s official nominating process, which moved to remote participation due to ongoing bans on large gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.”

In New Mexico: New Mexico Democrats: Early DPNM Digital Advertising Campaign Results Show Significant Success. “‘We’re thrilled to see such a strong response from Democrats across New Mexico, who understand how important it is to vote from home this year,’ said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. ‘Absentee voting is the only way to stay safe, while making our voices heard, and we’re doing everything possible to make sure that our communities are healthy and have access to the ballot. We look forward to using this campaign as a template for future success, as we continue to fight to keep New Mexico blue.’”


  • “While President Donald Trump claims mail-in voting is ripe for fraud and ‘cheaters,’ his reelection campaign and state allies are scrambling to launch operations meant to help their voters cast ballots in the mail.
  • “Through its partnership with the Republican National Committee, Trump’s campaign is training volunteers on the ins and outs of mail-in and absentee voting and sending supporters texts and emails reminding them to send in their ballots. In Wisconsin, where a special congressional election is scheduled on Tuesday, the Trump campaign last week blasted out a reminder via Twitter: ‘Request an absentee ballot by 5 pm TONIGHT.’”
  • “Democrats ran a robust absentee ballot operation in last month’s statewide election in Wisconsin, handily winning a hotly contested Supreme Court race. The party is now looking to replicate its operations in a series of June primaries with an eye on November.” 

More on our efforts to ensure no voter has to choose between their health and safety and their constitutional right ever again:

In Nebraska:

In New Hampshire:

  • WMUR:“NHDP Chair Raymond Buckley and legal counsel William Christie spoke to the members of the Select Committee on 2020 Emergency Election Support during a virtual meeting on Zoom about accessibility. […] ‘Failure to take these steps could disenfranchise voters, and in particular, young people and people of color, or even force local poll workers into a dangerous, crowded situation on Election Day,’ Christie said.”


In Nevada: NV Dems: Trump’s Campaign Can’t Spin His Failed, Chaotic Pandemic Response. “‘The Trump campaign can’t spin their boss’ failed, chaotic response to the pandemic, and they can’t paper over the horrific reality Nevadans are facing every day. Hundreds of Nevadans are dead, and hundreds of thousands are struggling to survive without a paycheck. It didn’t have to be this bad. […] Donald Trump ignored the experts, downplayed the virus, and failed to prepare us for what was coming.”

In Iowa: KCCI: Religious leaders not a part of Pence’s round table speak out about lack of inclusion. “Reverend Frederick Gaddy said there are about 150 people in Des Moines’ St. Paul AME Church, making up a portion of the 600 members in the nine African Methodist Episcopal Churches across Iowa. […] The AME church did not receive an invite to Pence’s discussion, which concerned Gaddy. ‘Especially with the way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people of color nationwide,’ Gaddy said.”

ADD THIS TO YOUR WEEKEND WATCH LIST: Tom Perez also hit the airwaves in Michigan to talk about Biden’s strong path to victory in the Great Lakes State: 


“This election is about trust, who can you trust to preserve your health care, who can you trust to dig us out of this economic ditch that this president has found us in, who can you trust to keep their promises. Joe Biden is a known commodity in Michigan. Barack Obama and Joe Biden saved the auto industry, and Michiganders will remember that. Joe Biden wants to ensure that Michiganders have access to opportunity.” 

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