DNC Blankets South Florida With Bilingual Billboard Campaign Ahead of Third RNC Debate 

As MAGA 2024 Republicans gather for the third RNC debate in Miami and Donald Trump holds a rally in Hialeah, the DNC is rolling out a bilingual mobile billboard and standing billboard campaign across South Florida to call out their extreme MAGA agendas. 

“As Donald Trump and 2024 Republicans head to Florida for their next MAGA-off, we’re reminding voters that beyond the chaos and squabbling you’ll see tonight, the entire 2024 field is united around ripping away as many of our freedoms as they can.” DNC spokesperson Marco Frieri said. “Whether it’s a podium in Hialeah or the debate stage in Miami, Trump and the whole MAGA field are hellbent on banning abortion, rigging the economy for the ultra-rich, and ending Social Security and Medicare as we know them. Meanwhile, President Biden and Vice President Harris are delivering for Latinos – creating a record number of new jobs, lowering costs, and fighting to protect our freedoms, not take them away.” 

The DNC placed Spanish-language billboards around South Florida, from Miami-Dade to Broward. A bilingual mobile billboard calling out Donald Trump and 2024 Republicans for their MAGA agenda will circle the venue of the third RNC debate in downtown Miami. 

Watch the mobile billboard video below:

See the Spanish language billboard below: