DNC Calls for FEMA to Extend Deadline for Puerto Rico Families

Nearly 2,000 American families displaced by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico are relying on FEMA’s Transitional Shelter Assistance program. The program expires tomorrow, and families will once again be on their own. With one day before the arbitrary FEMA deadline, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:


“Donald Trump and Republicans may have forgotten these Americans, but Democrats have not. I witnessed the devastation firsthand when I visited Puerto Rico last October, and last month, I had the opportunity to meet with families in Orlando who were displaced by the hurricane and still face an uncertain future.


“The suffering they’ve experienced is unacceptable. Many of the families I met lost everything in the storm and have no home to return to in Puerto Rico. They’ve struggled to find jobs and fulfill even their most basic needs, like housing, food, and medication. And some of our most vulnerable citizens – children, older Americans, and people with disabilities – have borne the brunt of this administration’s failures.


“Our fellow Americans deserve better. FEMA must extend this deadline now, and the federal government needs to work tirelessly to help Puerto Rico rebuild its economy and fully recover from this tragedy. It’s long past time for Donald Trump and Republicans to join Democrats to give those affected by this disaster the attention and resources they deserve.”