DNC CEO Jess O’Connell on Texas Abortion Bill

DNC CEO Jess O’Connell released the following statement in response to Texas Republicans passing a bill that would force women to pay an additional health insurance premium for abortion coverage, without any exceptions for rape or incest:

“This bill is yet another cruel and unconstitutional attack on women in Texas. By banning insurance plans from covering abortion, Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans are depriving women of their right to make their own health care decisions and effectively forcing them to buy ‘rape insurance.’ Survivors of sexual assault have endured a trauma most of us could never imagine. They deserve support, care, and compassion from their community. The last thing they need is Republican lawmakers punishing them for being raped.

“While Republicans look for more ways to make abortion less accessible, Democrats will fight this disgraceful bill and continue to stand up for the rights of women in Texas and across the country.”