DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Highlights New Proposed Presidential Nominating Calendar

In case you missed it, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison joined the Reverend Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation yesterday to highlight the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee’s new proposed presidential nominating calendar.


Chair Harrison: “I’m grateful that President Biden and the Rules & Bylaws Committee of the DNC moved up South Carolina. I’m really looking forward to this amazing calendar as a whole because, as you say it, it starts with three small states: South Carolina, Nevada — where you have strong Latino and labor voices there — New Hampshire, where they believe in strong government. Those three states will kick it off and then you move to some of our larger states, Michigan and Georgia, two of our big battleground states that will also be a part of that window where we see the new south rising in Georgia and we see the heart of the middle class that was born in Michigan, in Detroit. So this is a fantastic, fantastic window of states that the president has recommended, and we will move forward on and we will have our official vote on this in February. 

“But when you think about it Rev, we shouldn’t be surprised by Joe Biden putting these states up forward, because this is a president that has understood the power of making sure all of us have our voices be heard and have a seat at the table. You look at what he has done in terms of his cabinet, the most diverse cabinet ever, the judiciary where half of his appointments have been women of color, including the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. So this is just yet another thing that we see with the visionary leadership of Joe Biden and making sure that all votes rise in this America.”