DNC Chair on 2nd Mass Shooting in Texas This Month

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement on today’s mass shooting in Odessa and Midland, Texas:

“There is an epidemic in America. It is taking lives and shattering communities across the country. Today, we reached the point where when we talk about ‘this month’s mass shooting in Texas,’ we have to ask ‘Which one? El Paso or Odessa-Midland?’ When we talk about the  ‘mass shooting in Aurora,’ we have to ask ‘Which Aurora? Illinois or Colorado?’ When we talk about the ‘mass shooting in Orlando,’ we have to ask ‘Which time? 2016 or 2017?’

“Schools. Offices. Malls. Military bases. Movie theaters. Concerts. Nightclubs. Bars. Restaurants. Parks. Streets. Stores. Churches. Mosques. Temples. Synagogues.

“The NRA and Republican leaders want us to believe that we are powerless to prevent these tragedies. They want us to resign ourselves to the idea that this bloodshed is inevitable. They want us to become so weary of this cycle of death and destruction that we give up on the prospect of progress.

“But we will not give up. We will not be silent. We will end gun violence with action. And we will vote out anyone who stands in our way.

“My heart breaks for the victims, families, first responders, and all those affected by today’s tragedy in Odessa and Midland. May we honor them – and all those we’ve lost to gun violence – not simply with thoughts and prayers, but with action.”