DNC Chair on César Chávez Day

DNC Chair and former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez released the following statement on César Chávez Day:


“César Chávez was one of our nation’s most courageous humanitarians and iconic civil rights giants. Because of his tireless activism in the face of an unacceptable status quo, the lives of millions of  farm workers changed for the better. Today, his story continues to inspire those of us who believe in the dignity of work, the right to organize, and the right to earn a decent living free from exploitation and brutality.


“Democrats are proud to celebrate the life and legacy of César Chávez. And we will continue to stand up against a cruel administration that consistently undermines workers and targets Latino and immigrant communities. Democrats are fighting for workers’ rights, fair wages, better schools, affordable health care, and immigration reform that protects American Dreamers.”