DNC Chair on Donald Trump’s 2024 Announcement

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement in response to Donald Trump announcing his candidacy for president:

“Donald Trump was a failure as president; that’s why he lost in 2020 and it’s why he will lose again. Democrats stand ready to remind Americans what Trump brought America: the worst jobs record since the Great Depression, rigged the economy for the super rich with massive tax giveaways to corporations, the right-wing Supreme Court that overturned Roe and paved the way for extreme Republicans across the country to criminalize abortion, a diminished standing across the world, and absolute chaos that culminated in inciting a mob to attack the Capitol to try to overturn an election he knew he lost.

“Today is just the kickoff to what will be a messy Republican primary with candidates competing to be the most extreme MAGA Republican in the race. The DNC will be ready for them all.”