DNC Chair on GOP Attacks on Voting Rights: ‘One of Those Break the Glass Moments’

This morning, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss Republican attacks on voting rights and the most blatant attempt yet from Texas Republicans to force a restrictive voting bill through over the holiday weekend.

“I don’t think about it as a threat to the Democratic Party, I think about it as a threat to our American democracy… We’ve been down this road before. We see all of these things happening, not only the attacks at the ballot box but also these attempts to change and rewrite our history. And we can’t stand for it. This is one of those break the glass moments because our democracy really is in balance.”

“This Texas bill is so bad. It is probably the worst of all of these bills that we are seeing from Georgia to Arizona to Florida. This bill lowers the threshold for courts to throw out elections. It allows the political goons to come to Black and Brown communities to intimidate them while they’re voting. It goes after ‘souls to the polls.’ This is the most blatant attempt to really curb Black and Brown voting that I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

“This is not about integrity. This is about them keeping political power. And I’d be damned, we will not allow them to do that.”