DNC Chair on Local TV: Affordable Care Act is a Boon for Georgians and South Carolinians

On the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), DNC Chair Jaime Harrison highlighted the impact that the ACA – which Republicans have recently called to repeal – has had on lowering health care costs and expanding accessibility for hundreds of thousands of Georgians and South Carolinians during TV interviews with WSAV in Savannah, GA and CWAtlanta in Atlanta, GA.
WSAV: DNC Chair: ACA is a Boon for Georgians and South Carolinians

Chair Harrison“We’ve seen premium costs go down by almost 40% because of it, and it’s been a boon and benefits hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians and hundreds of thousands of Georgians, as well.”
CW Atlanta: DNC Chair: Affordable Care Act Has Made Health Care More Accessible for Americans in Georgia

Chair Harrison“[The Affordable Care Act] has made health care much more accessible in terms of availability for a lot of Americans and, particularly, Americans in Georgia.”

While Democrats remain laser focused on lowering health care costs for families, Republicans in Congress have admitted they would not act to lower the cost of live-saving prescription drugs and would once again prioritize repealing the ACA if they win, a plan that would cause insurance premiums to skyrocket.