DNC Chair on SCOTUS Decision: ‘We Gotta Roll Up Our Sleeves and Work’

In a series of interviews following the majority-conservative Supreme Court’s decision to once again set back voting rights in America, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison discussed how, while the decision was appalling, we have to get back to work protecting the right to vote and the DNC is already making historic investments to do just that.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison“This was a kick to the gut. It really was. And I think Justice Kagan, in her dissent, put it perfectly. In essence, what the court did when they made their decision — they poured old poison into new bottles. We know the poison of Jim Crow.”

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison“We can’t sit on the sidelines saying woe is me. We gotta roll up our sleeves and work.”

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison: “I have announced, over the — the past few months, some of the largest investments ever that the DNC’s ever made in midterm elections. We have announced almost $43 million. 23 million going to our state parties to shore up the infrastructure there. Going back to the 50 states, seven-territory strategy where all of our state parties are strong and operating, once again. We have also announced over $20 million and a lot of that will go into voter protection. We are putting voter protection staff in almost all of our states. Last cycle, we had 33 states with voter protection directors. This cycle, the aim is 50 and we’re doing it much earlier.”