DNC Chair on Trump’s Failure to End The Humanitarian Crisis He Created

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement in response to Trump’s executive order signed today:


“This executive order does nothing to fix the crisis Trump created. Children can still be separated from their parents and locked away in cages. Families seeking asylum still face the horror of indefinite detention. And there is still no clear plan to reunite the children that Trump separated from their parents.  


“Families deserve to be treated with basic decency, not like bargaining chips, and Democrats have ​fought ​and will continue to fight to protect their human rights. Republicans and Trump must fix this self-created ​crisis and support a comprehensive solution to end separations and family detention instead of pushing anti-immigrant legislation and using children as bargaining chips.  


“Detaining families indefinitely in these conditions should not be a victory lap, it's a disgrace. Our country has heard the cries of young children. We've seen babies ripped from their parents’ arms. We've witnessed the cowardice of Republicans in the face of this inhumanity. And we will never forget.”