DNC Chair on WFXG Augusta: ACA Has Helped Working Georgians Get Health Care They Need

On the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) yesterday, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison highlighted the impact that the ACA – which Republicans have recently called to repeal – has had on lowering health care costs and expanding accessibility for hundreds of thousands of Georgians and South Carolinians during a TV interview with WFXG in Augusta, GA.

WFXG: DNC Chair: ACA Has Helped Working Georgians Get Health Care They Need, Save Hundreds on Costs

CHAIR HARRISON“What we’ve seen is that [the ACA] has been better for women because women were being charged more for their insurance. It’s better for folks who had preexisting conditions, who oftentimes could not find insurance or couldn’t find some that were affordable for them.


“We’ve seen so many rural hospitals close over the past few years, it’s already hard enough for people who live in rural South Carolina, in rural Georgia, to get quality health care.”

While Democrats remain laser focused on lowering health care costs for families, Republicans in Congress have admitted they would not act to lower the cost of live-saving prescription drugs and would once again prioritize repealing the ACA if they win, a plan that would cause insurance premiums to skyrocket.