DNC Chair Perez Highlights Unity, Turnout, Battleground Build-Up

Today on MSNBC and CNN, DNC Chair Tom Perez highlighted the importance of unity, the strong Democratic turnout in New Hampshire, voters’ anger at Donald Trump’s abuse of power, and how the DNC is building the general election infrastructure throughout battleground states our eventual nominee will need to win.


  • “I think the real thing that folks understand is that what unites us far exceeds what our differences are. There’s no ideological divide on the need to ensure that people with preexisting conditions keep their health care, there’s no ideological divide about the need to ensure that we hold pharmaceutical companies accountable so that we can lower the cost of prescription drugs, there’s no ideological divide on the need to make sure that one good job should be enough. The differences between the Democratic Party candidates and Donald Trump, whoever the nominee is, are 100%.”


  • “Well, I’m very excited about the turnout. You look at what happened last night and turnout is going to meet or exceed 2008 levels, that’s very promising. […] There’s a lot of energy out there.”

  • “The work we’re doing to build the key infrastructure in battleground states is critical. And that’s why our Battleground Build-Up is so, so important.”

  • “We’ve had a great set of runs, 2017, 2018, 2019, and I think we’re going to win this presidential election in 2020. That’s our sweet spot, building that organizational structure.”


  • “Women are what won us elections in ’17, ’18 and ’19, and they’re going to do it again in 2020.”

  • “People understand that when you do things like Donald Trump did yesterday at the Justice Department, you are breaking the norms of democracy. Voters are watching that.”

  • “We’re focused on making sure we’re building that infrastructure, especially in those battleground states. Our Battleground Build-Up is all about handing the nominee, whoever he or she is, that infrastructure to succeed and hit the ground running. That’s exactly where we’re focused on.”