DNC Chair Responds to Supreme Court’s Attacks on Roe

Overnight, the Supreme Court denied a request from advocates to block an extreme Texas law that would outlaw abortions as early as six weeks — before many people know they are pregnant. Their decision effectively dismantles the protections of Roe v. Wade in the state of Texas as the question of the constitutionality of the law works its way through the judiciary. In response, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement: 

“For nearly five decades in the United States, access to safe, legal abortions has been upheld, as well as the privacy of a decision made between a person and their doctor. But today, thanks to a conservative Supreme Court that has dispensed with decades of precedent, that right has been virtually eliminated across Texas. Due to extremist Republican lawmakers and conservative justices on the Supreme Court, people will have yet another barrier preventing them from accessing the health care they need and have every right to pursue under our Constitution. For many, especially people of color, low income, and rural Americans, this barrier could be insurmountable.

“It’s time we codify Roe v. Wade. I am proud to stand in support of Speaker Pelosi and her upcoming action to vote on Congresswoman Judy Chu’s Women’s Health Protection Act. I also commend President Biden for launching a whole-of-government effort to fight back. Politics has no place in one of the most personal health care decisions a person can make. Abortion must be kept safe and legal, and remain a private decision between a person and their doctor. Every Republican will have to answer for this unprecedented assault on the constitutional right to privacy and we will hold those who stand by it accountable.”