DNC Chair Slams Republican Senators for Refusing to Show Up and Help Tackle Inflation

Today, DNC Jaime Harrison hosted a press call slamming Senate Banking Committee Republicans led by Pat Toomey for refusing to fulfill their constitutional duty to vote on critical nominees for the Federal Reserve. The same Republicans who have breathlessly attacked the administration on inflation refused to show up and do the work that would help us take critical action to lower prices for working families.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison joined North Carolina State Representative and PhD economist Wesley Harris to highlight the priorities of the Democratic Party and to hold Republicans accountable for their failure to fight for the American people. 


CHAIR HARRISON: “And now it’s the Democratic Party that is the only party with an actual plan to lower costs for American families. And yet again, our Republican colleagues are doing nothing but trying to stand in the way … We will hold every last Republican accountable. We will call them out for their refusal to fight for the American people, for their disregard for working families, and for playing politics with their constitutional responsibilities.” 


North Carolina State Rep. Wesley Harris: “We need strong, qualified individuals to get to work to help tackle this inflation, and Republicans are simply not rising to the occasion. It’s shocking, and I’m ashamed that Thom Tillis is the senator from North Carolina. These Fed nominees are outrageously qualified … So there is absolutely no reason not to vote for these individuals, and there’s even less reason for them not to even show up to do their jobs.”