DNC Chair Statement Following the New York State Primary Contests

Tonight, following the New York State primary contests, where exit polling showed 68 percent of Democratic voters felt their primary had energized the party, while 57 percent of Republican voters said their primary had divided the party, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement: 
“The Democratic Party is proud of our candidates, and it shows every time voters go to the polls.
“I want to congratulate Secretary Clinton for her victory tonight in New York, and both of our Democratic candidates for continuing to run spirited campaigns worthy of the American people. Millions of New Yorkers cast their votes today in both the Democratic and Republican primaries, but there was one crucial difference: whether they voted for Senator Sanders or Secretary Clinton, Democrats voted for a candidate they respect and admire, Republicans are only voting against the candidate they dislike the most. Even Republican party leaders can’t help but hold their noses as they announce their tepid support for their candidates.
“And now, with Donald Trump’s victory tonight over Ted 'New York Values' Cruz, he’s closer than ever to the GOP nomination, which only means Republicans are certainly headed for chaos at their upcoming convention in Cleveland. Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They set the stage for Dangerous Donald with years of divisive policies and hateful rhetoric, and they will be held accountable come November.”