DNC Chair Statement in Honor of Planned Parenthood’s Day of Solidarity

WASHINGTON – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement in honor of Planned Parenthood's Day of Solidarity:

“For years, Planned Parenthood has endured relentless attacks on the life saving work they do for women and families across the country. They've been subject to political attacks, bald-faced lies about the work they do, and most recently, an act of domestic terror. While some organizations would react with fear, or even hold back on the work they do, Planned Parenthood has done the opposite. They've kept their doors open, they're not turning clients away from getting the health care they need, and they've continued to fight for a woman's constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion. They won't back down to some of the most extreme attacks we've ever seen. For that, on behalf of millions of women across this country, I say ‘thank you.’

“No person should ever have to fear for their life when seeking medical care, or fear they'll be the subject of violent and hateful rhetoric from their leaders as well. Women have fought for the right to make their own choices about their own health care without politicians, their bosses, or a violent criminal with a gun standing in their way. We should be able to exercise that right without fear. But if any of the Republicans running for president make it to the White House, the freedom to exercise that right will be undermined, if not taken away completely. They're on the wrong side for women and don't understand that in order to take the oath of office, they must be willing to protect the rights, freedoms, and democratic principles that already make America great.

“Today, as Democrats stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood and women across the country, Republicans are spending the day touting their backwards, dangerous principles with organizations that associate with anti-abortion extremists. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Rick Santorum are participating in an Iowa summit sponsored bythe conservative organization, FreedomWorks, where they will continue to reiterate their support for anti-choice policies with divisive and misleading rhetoric. While other GOP candidates campaign today, I won't be holding my breath for them to come out in support of Planned Parenthood either. Each one has called for defunding Planned Parenthood. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham, and Rand Paul once again voted for legislation in the Senate on Thursday that would help defund the organization. Each of these candidates is virulently anti-choice, and Rubio opposes reproductive choice even in cases of rape or incest. 
“Democrats are committed to stand with Planned Parenthood today and every day. It's time for Republicans to do the same.”