DNC Chair Statement on 3rd GOP Presidential Debate

Washington, D.C. – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement tonight after the conclusion of the third Republican presidential debate:

“Tonight the GOP candidates proved what an oxymoron it is to use the phrase, ‘Republican economic debate’.

“There was in fact no substantive debate about ideas to strengthen our economy. Instead, what the American people heard was an unyielding desire to return to the failed policies of the past that preceded an economic disaster with 750,000 job losses a month, foreclosure signs dotting too many streets, and families deciding between paying the bills and accessing health care.

“Nearly twelve hours of GOP debate has produced zero serious ideas to move America forward. Despite repeated questions from the moderators, no candidate in Boulder offered plans to help the middle class. They didn’t discuss ways to ensure moms and dads have access to paid family leave or how to end pay disparities and narrow the income inequality gap, but they did find ways to attack raising the minimum wage, discuss building walls and blame the media for their woes.

“The GOP field’s crocodile tears for the supposed decline of America shouldn’t fool anyone; America is already great and we need to continue the economic progress that began and continues under President Obama in order to create more opportunity for more people. The President was handed the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and under his leadership, we’ve had 67 months of private-sector job growth resulting in 13 million new jobs. Any one of our Democratic candidates would build on that progress.

“That’s why I’m confident that the more the GOP keeps highlighting their tired, old policies, the more Americans will vote for the Democratic nominee to become the 45th President of the United States.”