DNC Chair Statement on Cruz Suspending Campaign and Trump Becoming Republican Presumptive Nominee

WASHINGTON – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement on Ted Cruz dropping out of the Republican primary and Donald Trump becoming the GOP’s presumptive nominee:

“Tonight, Donald Trump is the Republican Party. Ted Cruz may have been the least-liked politician in Washington, but Trump is one of the least liked men in America, and Democrats will hold him accountable for his offensive rhetoric, dangerous ideas, and lack of judgment every single day between today and November 8th.

“While Ted Cruz was known for obstruction, having forced a government shutdown that cost the U.S. economy $24 billion and even opposing emergency aid for a region hit by a devastating hurricane, he didn’t stand up to Donald Trump until it was too late. None of the Republicans running for president did, because after years of elevating extreme voices in their party, they didn’t want to alienate them.

“The decades-old Republican strategy of exploiting unfounded fear of immigrants, minorities, the poor, the LGBT community and more, all for political gain, have laid the groundwork for Donald Trump. The Republican Party sold hardworking Americans the empty promise of trickle-down prosperity, while strangling America’s middle class with backwards economic policies that only enrich those already at the top. Donald Trump’s looming nomination will be the ultimate, destructive culmination of the results of that strategy.

“Democrats won’t hesitate to fight for the vast majority of the American people, who share our values of inclusion, hard work, dignity and opportunity for all, and we’ll hold Republicans on the ballot at every level accountable for their standard bearer. Voters will have a clear choice come November, and Americans of every stripe, including those disillusioned and disaffected by this year’s unprecedentedly nasty Republican primary have a home in the Democratic Party. Our voters are energized, enthusiastic, and optimistic because our candidates are committed to moving America forward. And that’s why we’re going to win on Election Day in November.”