DNC Chair Statement on Gov. Rick Snyder’s congressional testimony

“Gov. Rick Snyder started his congressional testimony today by calling the Flint water crisis a failure of government. And he’s right. By giving state-appointed emergency managers authority over local communities  to cut costs and chip away at public resources, Gov. Snyder’s inept administration put politics above people with disastrous consequences. This failure is exactly what happens when Republican leaders get the ‘small government’ they all fight for, and that’s why the Flint crisis is not an isolated case. This is the same incompetence we saw with FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and it’s the same governing philosophy that would have let the auto industry collapse. Americans deserve better leadership and smarter government.
“I join our two Democratic candidates for president, who have boldly called on Gov. Snyder to resign. They understand that the power of elected office exists to solve problems for the people – not cause them, ignore them or wish them away.”