DNC Chair Statement on Minimum Wage Demonstration in Conjunction with #DemDebate

CHARLESTON – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement welcoming a minimum wage demonstration near the Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina tonight:

“Tonight we’re going to see three candidates for president who know that we have to continue to build on the incredible economic progress we’ve made over the last seven years. That progress includes increasing the minimum wage for hardworking American families. Throughout this campaign all of our Democratic candidates have spoken forcefully about leveling the playing field by making sure an honest day’s work is rewarded with an honest day’s pay. No one in America who works full time should struggle to make ends meet. It’s about dignity, it’s about fairness, it’s about prosperity. That’s why the Democratic National Committee welcomes concerned citizens demonstrating in support of this simple concept. While the Democratic candidates have consistently treated the issue of raising the minimum wage seriously, the entire Republican field has treated the concept of better wages for workers as a disaster. That’s not too surprising, given the Republican party’s blind allegiance to the tried-and-failed economics of more tax cuts for the very wealthy. We stand by our friends in the fight to increase the minimum wage, and will continue to help elevate their voices.”


Below are examples of how Republican presidential candidates talked about the minimum wage at one of their recent debates, which you can also WATCH here.

On raising the minimum wage:

Marco Rubio: “It’s a disaster.”

Donald Trump: “I would not raise the minimum [wage].”

Ben Carson: “I would not raise it.”